Consequences of Bear Market: Robinhood Cuts Jobs
08 August 2022 07:31, UTC Denis Goncharenko

The collapse of the cryptocurrency market and poor economic circumstances are cited as reasons for cutting roughly a quarter of the personnel at Robinhood

Solana Breach: Will the Project Recover the Funds?
04 August 2022 11:02, UTC Odero Kester

Solana, a cryptocurrency project that bills itself as "an open source project building the foundation for Web 3.0," is the latest victim of a major hack

Bitget To Launch Insurance Fund to Restore Traders’ Confidence
03 August 2022 10:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Several bankruptcy incidents and similar events have threatened the confidence of traders around the world

Bill Gates' Views on Cryptocurrency
03 August 2022 08:20, UTC Odero Kester

Bill Gates can be described as a risk-averse investor, and he has spoken out against investing in cryptocurrency in the past

Cardano (ADA): Is It Worth Investing?
29 July 2022 11:17, UTC Anirban Roy

Cardano unrolls the blockchain in different phases to avoid the crowd and create safer and faster code

Meme Coins On Their Way To Skyrocket Again
22 July 2022 13:38, UTC Nick James

Dogecoin had a strong year in the cryptocurrency market in 2021, reaching a high in May before dropping in the months that followed

Sports-Related Tokens Worth Keeping an Eye On
19 July 2022 06:01, UTC Denis Goncharenko

There are a variety of ways in which blockchain technology may be used in the sporting arena, from fan tokens and digital collectibles, to fan loyalty and engagement systems, to new income sources

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Stablecoins: Their Types, Advantages & Disadvantages
24 June 2022 09:05, UTC Nina Petrov

Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency that provide more stability to the crypto market. This article describes the types of stablecoins and the most popular projects

Crypto Scams: the Consequence of Greed
17 June 2022 09:40, UTC Anirban Roy

The world of cryptocurrency is a beehive for a wide variety of cybercriminals. We delineate how the scamsters trap the users and lure a massive amount from them

NFTs Supported By Celebrities May Damage Investors Financially
07 June 2022 07:52, UTC Frank Hamilton

In 2021, the NFT wave revolutionized digital art, and in 2022, numerous NFT collections popular with celebrities lhave achieved new all-time highs in their respective markets

Why Are Big Companies Adopting NFTs?
06 June 2022 07:50, UTC Denis Goncharenko

NFTs are now on a crazy trajectory that looks to be traveling "to the moon," as they frequently remark, despite the fact that investing in digital anything could sound bizarre

Gamified Model Simulation and Metaverse: Should You Invest?
03 June 2022 06:00, UTC Anirban Roy

The blockchain-based contemporary games with the concept of play-to-earn take it to another level

How Cryptocurrency Helps in the Hospitality Industry
18 May 2022 10:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko

The hotel business is one of the most active in following the developments in the world of cryptocurrencies

Why Should Traders Be Careful When Accepting Bonuses?
06 May 2022 12:34, UTC Nick James

When it comes to selecting a proper financial service provider firm many investors look at the bonuses – but you have to be very careful

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TitanSwap’s Innovative Function is Providing Excellent User Experience
06 May 2022 09:32, UTC

TitanSwap has successfully expanded its market and accumulated a wider communities, who has offered numerous positive feedback

My Sh*tcoin Experience: Lessons To Learn From
06 May 2022 08:16, UTC Anirban Roy

A story by Anirban Roy regarding the awkward situation every crypto investor can get into

The Cryptocurrencies Related to Cybersecurity That You Should Consider
05 May 2022 06:20, UTC Denis Goncharenko

All new technology has the potential to be hacked, and because cryptocurrencies have monetary value, hackers are more inclined to attack them

Coinbase Starts To Test NFT Marketplace
29 April 2022 07:11, UTC Oladotun Ayotomiwa

With the debut of its long-awaited NFT marketplace, Coinbase hopes to foster a sense of community among buyers and sellers by making it easier for them to interact with one another

Shiba Inu Is Gaining More Trust
14 April 2022 12:05, UTC Nick James

What are the forecasts for this intriguing coin, how can you get your hands on it, and most importantly – is it a worthwhile investment?

Global Businesses That are Putting Cryptocurrencies Into Good Use
20 January 2022 14:20, UTC Ian Marchewski

Trying to figure out how to enjoy the Bitcoins you made throughout your trading journey? Virtual currency transactions are accepted by all kinds of businesses and large shops nowadays.

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