SHIBA Challengers Emerge Promising Big Gains and Added Value
08 November 2021 08:14, UTC Denis Goncharenko

After SHIBA’s massive growth spike due to Elon’s tweet, hundreds of crypto projects started to dot the market, promising additional features to their users

Curious About Trading Short-Term Contracts? Discover How TurboXBT Can Help
01 November 2021 08:20, UTC

Chart watching is not necessarily supposed to be time-consuming should the right platforms with the right trading models be introduced. This is where TurboXBT comes in.

TrustToken and TrueFi: Taking Uncollateralized Lending to New Heights
22 October 2021 08:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko

TrustToken, one of the most trusted stablecoin operators, has been around since the third quarter of 2017

Why Buy Coverage for Your Digital Assets?
05 October 2021 14:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

DeFi had no insurance alternatives to provide customers with tranquility while dealing with new financial investments.Let's find out how Defi insurance will be implemented in the blockchain space

Cabital Adds SEPA To Growing Payment Methods List
29 September 2021 06:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Leading digital assets institution Cabital has launched in the European market and has added the European Union’s SEPA to its growing list of payment methods

7 Reasons Why Investing in Litecoin Will Be a Smart Choice in 2021
28 September 2021 13:10, UTC Trisha Reynolds

7 factors explain why investing in Litecoin is an intelligent option and why it is worth investing in Litecoin when you look at its long-term potential for growth

The Crypto Market is Down — Why Are Prices Falling?
22 September 2021 15:45, UTC Denis Goncharenko

Bitcoin price had fallen as high as 10.7 percent earlier this week, pushing it to below $43,000, and then to its lowest point since August's beginning

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How Crypto Investors Can Profit From S&P 500, Gold, and Oil Trading On PrimeXBT
14 September 2021 09:47, UTC

Opportunities are around every corner, and not just with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Best of all, they can all be found under just one roof with the award-winning trading platform

One Chain to Connect Them All
09 September 2021 13:25, UTC Mohammad Musharraf

There have been talks of making blockchains interoperable. Once that happens, data sharing and fund transactions will no longer remain disjointed.

Solana and Ethereum Are Still Competing for Attention
08 September 2021 09:15, UTC

The cryptocurrency market never fails to surprise with its volatile movements. It seems that all the buzz is now centered around Cardano and Solana, two coins that managed to reach new peaks

Kardiachain Ignites DeFi Summer for the Crypto Community
03 August 2021 11:15, UTC Denis Goncharenko

While Ethereum continued dominating the DeFi market, Kardiachain had its own fair share with crypto enthusiasts taking more interest in dApps built on top of it

Olympics & Crypto: Trading is the Discipline
02 August 2021 14:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko

The Tokyo Olympic Games are upon us and crypto projects are also joining the fray by celebrating this exciting event with a competitive campaign set

Ibrahim Kalem and Hakan Atabas; Unrivaled Unity and the Launch of Cryptofon
01 July 2021 09:26, UTC Andrey Sergeenkov
Built on an existing code authored by Mr. Atabas about 3 years ago, Cryptofon was designed after an in-depth study of the crypto market
Rapid Increase in Monero Exchange Price — The Government Influence or Not?
30 June 2021 14:45, UTC
Monero is a privacy coin, just like Dash and ZCash. The privacy coins experienced a price surge since the warning from the Australian Tax Office (ATO)
Coins Drivers: The All-in-one Crypto Exchange Serving Retail and Institutions Starts Public Sale
29 June 2021 13:25, UTC
Coins Drivers is a crypto exchange platform that offers the best exchange services combined with defi
Buy USDT with Credit Card in Cambodia
28 June 2021 15:00, UTC
Ever since it launched in 2015, Tether (USDT) has risen to prominence in the cryptocurrency space as a reliable store of value and as a protective measure against the inherent volatility of the crypto market
Foremost Adult Content NFT Marketplace, Tease Fan, Launches on PancakeSwap
23 June 2021 06:35, UTC Andrey Sergeenkov
NFTs have experienced a sudden surge in popularity, offering content creators a unique opportunity to earn from the sale of their content
Discover WECHAT$ — the Game of Giant Corporations
21 June 2021 13:00, UTC
On June 30, WechatPay association will officially launch the wechat digital currency after a long time of development.
Polygon Network —The Ultimate Scalability Solution
22 June 2021 09:00, UTC
The Polygon Network is a layer-2 scalability and interoperability framework for existing blockchain networks. It addresses some of the issues of the present-day blockchain platforms
First Blockchain-tracked Nickel and Copper ETCs on LSE Launched by Nornickel`s Fund
21 June 2021 13:35, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Nornickel, announced that the Global Palladium Fund has launched Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC) for nickel and copper on the London Stock Exchange (LSE)

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