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Common Mistakes Of Retail Crypto Investors And How To Avoid Them
The events of the past years in the crypto industry depicted the weaknesses of the retail investors, whose skills proved to fail. Learn the mistakes and don’t repeat them!
14 March 2019 12:04, UTC Richard Shibi
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Data Science Uncovers the Spending Habits of Millennials in Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe has about 74 mln millennials. According to conservative estimates, they will spend over $27 bln in 2019. Nik Kumar presents the research of their spending habits
06 March 2019 13:36, UTC Nik Kumar, Yale MBA
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Using Blockchain To Clean Up A Murky Data Economy
Businesses, governments and other organisations have become evermore data driven. While oil fuelled the economic boom of the last century, so data will power this century
26 February 2019 09:48, UTC Mike Davie
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5 promising cryptocurrencies in 2019
Of course, Bitcoin (BTC) is the first name that comes to mind when we talk about cryptocurrency, since it’s the most mainstream and recognisable. However, the introduction of bitcoin eventually led to the expansion of the market, with the introduction of other cryptocurrencies inspired by it trying to compete.
20 February 2019 14:29, UTC Renato Vieira
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Decentralization Theory VS Decentralization Reality
Are cryptocurrencies truly decentralized as they are presented to the world? Hugo Jacques unveils some of the facts which seem to be obvious, but are discussed not so openly
19 February 2019 11:54, UTC Hugo Jacques
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3 Reasons To Delay Your Startup And How To Overcome The Slump
Carmen Campo devoted a lot of time to startups, and knows what crops up as the most common reasons for tarrying. She shares her vision on how to benefit from it
12 February 2019 13:00, UTC Carmen Campo
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Why QuadrigaCX’s Cold Wallet Reserves Haven’t Been Identified Yet
QuadrigaCX went offline with $190M gone after the purported founder’s death; people have declared it to be an exit scam or fraud. Paul Sibenik investigates the case
11 February 2019 14:30, UTC Paul Sibenik
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Decentralization As The Next Step For Business Evolution
The new world of economy is made possible by the blockchain. There are several advantages of DAO you should consider to evolve your business
05 February 2019 13:59, UTC Paul Mizel
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What To Consider To Avoid Problems With ICO Launching in 2019
In order to achieve a result, it is essential to understand what requirements are made today for crypto projects by regulators, and what public policy should be conducted
04 February 2019 14:29, UTC Alena Narinyani
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Blockchain Shrugged: No Need To Look For A Killer App

Some question if blockchain is pre-mature or over-hyped, others say it’s a hammer looking for nails. Jennifer Jiang expresses her stance on situation about blockchain

24 January 2019 13:20, UTC Jennifer Hongbo Jiang
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ICO Transformation: The Rise And Fall Of Digital Tokens’ Market
Two years ago the world faced the ICO phenomenon — a fundraising method through the emission and sale of digital tokens. Read the retrospective by Dmitry Machikhin
21 January 2019 14:10, UTC Dmitry MACHIKHIN, partner of GMT Legal, IMMO evangelist
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Can GDPR Disrupt Blockchain Technology?
Blockchain and InsurTechs are going to be greatly impacted by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). What influence will the new laws have on the use of blockchain?
18 January 2019 11:30, UTC Paul Mizel
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Merry Christmas, Satoshi!
2018 is drawing to a close. It’s time to take a look back, and also express some hopes for 2019. Drs. Hans Koning makes a brief overview and thanks the mysterious Bitcoin leader
21 December 2018 13:30, UTC Hans Koning
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Cryptoeconomics: Three Real World Examples
As blockchain-based ecosystems continue to propagate a new, hybrid discipline is beginning to take shape. This discipline is being referred to as tokenomics/tokenization
14 December 2018 17:17, UTC Charles Voltron
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A Common Mistake: 3 Typical Misconceptions About Smart Contracts
Besides crypto, one of the most promising things on blockchain is the use of smart contracts. The concept was first described by Nick Szabo in 1994 in his paper “Smart Contracts”. He describes smart contracts as ‘a computerized transaction protocol that executes the terms of a contract’.
13 December 2018 16:14, UTC Olivier Rikken
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The Case Of Bitcoin Pizzas: DLT For Enterprise Solutions Outside of Theoretical Field
It’s always a challenge to reach agreement among multiple members in a large system. But while the technology is relatively easy, changes are hard.
12 December 2018 09:27, UTC Jennifer Hongbo Jiang
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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The A.I.
Artificial Intelligence is a phenomenon almost everyone is aware of, but did someone actually managed to implement into their workflow? Mark Lynd shares his experience.
11 December 2018 16:08, UTC Mark Lynd
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Blockchain And Crisis Of Governance: Hackers As An Emergency Service Of The System
New governance structures – crisis management in a decentralized world without trusted third parties. Can an anonymous emergency button be created?
10 December 2018 19:15, UTC Olivier Rikken, Esther Vroegh
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Fintech’R’Us: Сan Banks Keep Up With $41.7 Bln Industry?
For banks, the challenge is keeping up with this pace of technological change. The idea of going to a physical bank is not attractive to the millions of young banking customers.
06 December 2018 20:08, UTC Tom Holgersson
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5 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Use-Cases for Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity risks and trends force organizations to adopt precautionary changes and solutions to protect themselves, further forcing them to adapt, evolve or fall behind.
05 December 2018 15:33, UTC Mark Lynd