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Is It Worth Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

12 June 2019 21:00, UTC
Brian York
Cryptocurrencies have been the disruption but a blessing in disguise for the avid fans of investment. Back then in December 2018, Bitcoin hit almost $20,000. it is such a fantastic number for the off-the-shelf cryptocurrencies.

Along with such mouth-watering prospects in cryptocurrency investment, there are also many pieces of evidence leading to the high volatility of it. Many people who are in the middle of the choice have been asking about its safety as an investment. So, if you have a sort of question, you are not alone. There is no fixed answer to that.

11-06-2019 16:38:14  |   Investments
Put it simply, there is no such thing as a safe investment. Each investment type has its own risk. Some are safer than others, some are not. The volatility of investing in cryptocurrency with good ICO rating has been increasing. But exchanging the cryptocurrencies does not have to be high-risk activity if you understand the marketplace. If you are updated to the ICO rating, you will likely be able to find the top promising ICO. Consider taking a look at the reliable ICO rating list before proceeding.

There are many cryptocurrencies revolving around the market. And you will have the freedom to choose the cryptocurrencies you want. But not all of them are the same. It is important to cross-check the information on the new ICO list and see the accurate graphs about their ICO rating. You surely don’t want to waste your money on fishy upcoming ICO.

To be safer, you will want to do some background checks on the project you are about to invest. Mind about their project owners, the affiliation with popular names or brands, the endorsements from trustworthy companies, and so on.

Besides the market volatility, you might have some concerns about the risks of losing your money online. As we know, cyber attacks have been a real threat to cryptocurrencies users nowadays. During the hacks, many users lost their money in no time. To avoid this, you will want to use the safe platforms. Don’t join with a specific project until you have read about their ICO rating. Projects with good ICO rating tend to be much safer than those with poor ICO rating.

14-03-2019 15:04:14  |   Guest posts
Investing in cryptocurrencies can be much safer than conventional investment. When you invest in the traditional platform, the record of the transaction is intervened by the third party. The financial institutions, governments, or the bankers will have access to your record. It is also possible that the intrigued authorities manipulate your funds. Even though you let your money handled by trustworthy authorities, you will still have to struggle with complex bureaucracy and high fees. Well, you don’t see these problems in cryptocurrencies investment.

The record of the transaction is transferred to the blockchain so that it is impossible to edit or manipulate. There will be no third parties involved in the transaction. Cryptocurrencies investments are not necessarily high-risk. Despite the high volatility, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that it has the most secure technology that protects the users. Hope that answers your question.