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TON Rumored To Be 90% Complete. Сan This Project Change The Market Game?
31 January 2019 14:17, UTC Denis Goncharenko
TON used to disappear from the media field. Now the project of Durov brothers is on the way to a triumphal return. A large investor meeting should take place over the next 30 days
NEM Announces The Risk Of Bankruptcy, Asks For The Community Support
31 January 2019 11:15, UTC
The company seeks to reorganize and move to product orientation. Announced the elimination of regional teams, many projects will be frozen
Which Cryptocurrencies, Introduced In 2018, Made It To The TOP-50?
31 January 2019 08:55, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday analyzed the TOP-50 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization and found 10 coins that appeared last year. Learn, which projects managed to get their currencies into the lead
The Trend Goes On: The First South Korean Stablecoin Is Launched
31 January 2019 07:41, UTC
The beta testing of the coin was carried out on Airswap, the decentralized exchange platform. KRWb will be available to any user any user to an ERC-20 compatible service
BREAKING: SWIFT To Announce Partnership With the R3 Consortium
30 January 2019 13:24, UTC
SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt announced this during a panel speech at the Paris FinTech Forum. More than 10,000 banks are currently connected to SWIFT
Davos Aftermath: Investors Scold Bitcoin And Praise The Blockchain
30 January 2019 09:03, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The World Economic Forum 2019 is over. However, it is worth noting that the rhetoric regarding cryptocurrencies was mostly far from positive. Is that a tradition or what?
AMD Announces The Highest Profitability But Expects A Decline In Q1 Already
30 January 2019 07:46, UTC
The company expects their revenue to decline partly due to the falling demand for products from the miners, which was stated earlier in 2017
BREAKING: NEO Unintentional Fork Took Place, Switcheo Reports
29 January 2019 11:30, UTC
Most of the public nodes stopped at block 3,293,299; at 07:55 UTC, Switcheo made another statement, claiming that the NEO blockchain "produces blocks in the normal mode"
Blockchain Market and Technology Trends in 2019: What To Expect
29 January 2019 11:01, UTC Denis Goncharenko
We studied forecasts, different articles, and analytical reports, summing up the visions in a story about the trends named to be the main ones for the nearest future
Fintech Companies Raised A Record $39.57 Bln In 2018
29 January 2019 08:35, UTC
Venture capitals are investing billions of dollars, hoping to capture a market share by offering simpler and cheaper digital financial services
More Cryptocurrency ATMs To Be Installed In Chicago
29 January 2019 07:15, UTC
30 units of Bitcoin Depot ATMs will allow customers to exchange fiat dollars for bitcoins, ethereum, and other digital assets
Can Gaming Become A Stable Bitcoin Spending Market?
28 January 2019 13:16, UTC
There’s a reasonable chance that bitcoin needs to prove some real-world utility in order to become investable. The search for that real world utility is ongoing
Iran Is Almost Ready To Launch The National Cryptocurrency
28 January 2019 09:05, UTC
The launch of cryptocurrency was chosen as a means of countering US sanctions, as well as a response to the disconnection of Iran from SWIFT
Kik Interactive (Kin) Is Planning To Take The SEC To Court
28 January 2019 07:10, UTC
Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik Interactive, opposes the position of the SEC that all tokens are securities, claiming Kin to be the currency
Image of The Week, 21-25 of January: News BTC, Mashable, Bitcoinist, CNBC and Others
25 January 2019 14:08, UTC Ian Marchewski
We’re finally back with our weekly digest of the crypto and financial media telling you about the most important news of the digital world
Are National Cryptocurrencies Viable? 4 Practical Approaches To Consider
25 January 2019 13:45, UTC Denis Goncharenko
2018 presented to the world a number of projects initiated by government officials. How is this phenomenon going to develop and will this trend be successful at all?
SBI Holdings and Russian Banks Partner: How Will Ripple Benefit From This?
25 January 2019 08:35, UTC
SBI Holdings reached an agreement with two Russian and Japanese banks. It was signed during the meeting of the President of Russia with the Prime Minister of Japan
The Number Of Blockchain Startups In Switzerland And Liechtenstein Grew By 20%
25 January 2019 07:00, UTC
Despite the lingering “crypto winter”, a report by CV VC says that 121 new companies were registered in the mentioned jurisdictions during last year
Guest posts
Blockchain Shrugged: No Need To Look For A Killer App
24 January 2019 13:20, UTC Jennifer Hongbo Jiang
Some question if blockchain is pre-mature or over-hyped, others say it’s a hammer looking for nails. Jennifer Jiang expresses her stance on situation about blockchain
Singaporean Authorities Change Their Stance On Cryptocurrency Regulation
24 January 2019 11:35, UTC
The Ministry of Law of the country does not consider cryptocurrency as a legal tender and obliged enterprises to carry out the necessary legal verification

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