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TRON and Ethereum Updated On The Last Winter Day. What Are The Changes?
01 March 2019 08:40, UTC
Hard forks seem to have no effect on the markets. However, the implemented changes should affect the market situation in the long term
Polymath (POLY) Develops A Standard For Security Tokens Emission And Trading
28 February 2019 12:10, UTC
The company decided to upgrade the existing infrastructure in order to take advantage of the blockchain technology for securities
Brave Browser (BAT) Gets Access To TAP Network 250,000 Partners
28 February 2019 07:06, UTC
The announced partnership is an important milestone for Brave and BAT. Users will be able to exchange tokens for rewards, which can later be exchanged for goods and services
Fintech unicorns: the most expensive startups in the world
27 February 2019 11:38, UTC Aleksandre B
A story about startups that cost one or more billion dollars and are called unicorns. We explore the emergence of the term, business features and attracting investments
Italian Government Develops Blockchain Platform To Oppose E-Commerce Giants
27 February 2019 09:55, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
The Italian authorities intend to bring the entire network trade under full control. The goal of the project is to initiate competition with e-Commerce giants — primarily Amazon, Alibaba and eBay
DATO For ICO: Are The Philippines Looking For The Perfect Set Of Regulations?
27 February 2019 09:25, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Since 2014, the Philippines has become one of the cryptocurrency development driving countries. However, regulatory issues are still not fully implemented
HTC Is Not Behind: The Integration Of Decentraland Raised The Price Of MANA By 50%
27 February 2019 07:58, UTC
Taiwanese smartphone giant announced that it would start accepting fiat payments for the Exodus 1 blockchain-oriented model
GLORY Kickboxing Promotion Company Integrates Litecoin
27 February 2019 06:45, UTC
“Digital Silver” will become the official cryptocurrency of the global combat league. An opportunity for Litecoin is massive advertising and events organized by GLORY
The Era After ICOs: How Does The Future Of STOs Look Like
26 February 2019 14:20, UTC Richard Shibi
Few remnant ICOs struggling to raise funds nowadays, and it is quite clear that the future lies within the Security Token Offerings (STO), according to Richard Shibi
Enjin (ENJ) Price Grows By 223%, Partnership With Samsung Confirmed
26 February 2019 13:18, UTC
It is reported that an agreement is signed between Enjin and Samsung — the companies are said to cooperate in the field of blockchain gaming products
Guest posts
Using Blockchain To Clean Up A Murky Data Economy
26 February 2019 09:48, UTC Mike Davie
Businesses, governments and other organisations have become evermore data driven. While oil fuelled the economic boom of the last century, so data will power this century
Hacker Transferred 2.09 mln EOS To Huobi Due To Blacklist Update Failure
26 February 2019 07:30, UTC
Apparently, the new EOS block producer did not update the blacklist of EOS accounts, which followed with the possibility to perform the operation by an anonymous hacker
How to become a Data Scientist?
25 February 2019 12:48, UTC Margareth Nail
BNT figures out how to learn one of the most fashionable and in-demand professions — Data Scientist. How long will it take to get to know the world of data analysis and what kind of result should one expect?
Macron Calls On Europe To Implement Blockchain In The Agricultural Sector
25 February 2019 11:41, UTC
The President of France announced this at the 56th International Agricultural Fair in Paris. According to him, the blockchain will help Europe in competition with China, Russia, and the USA
Sberbank Ranked The Second Strongest Brand In The World Due To Digitalization
25 February 2019 08:18, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The Russian bank was outranked only by Ferrari. What are the reasons for the overwhelming success of a national financial institution at the global level?
Coinbin Exchange Files For Bankruptcy: More Than $26 Mln Embezzled
25 February 2019 07:34, UTC
Coinbin CEO Park Chang-kyu announced the bad news, but according to him, the reason behind this decision is a waste of funds committed by an employee
Image of The Week, February, 18 — 22: The Street, Bitcoin Magazine, News BTC and Others
22 February 2019 13:35, UTC Ian Marchewski
BNT has collected top news digest from various crypto sources and worldwide media for your attention
Blockchain Education in Africa: An Establishment Of Global Talent Source?
22 February 2019 11:59, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The success of fintech companies in Africa is difficult to overestimate. However, there is one rather weighty problem — the lack of specialists. Education might be the key
Effect.AI Will Transfer Effect Network From NEO To EOS
22 February 2019 09:02, UTC
Effect.AI is not satisfied with NEO performance. According to the company, TPS of EOS is about 300 times higher than that of NEO and Ethereum
ZCash (ZEC) Developers Rebrand To Be Called As Electric Coin Company
22 February 2019 07:16, UTC
The most likely reason for the rebranding is that the development team does not want to be associated with the ZCash Foundation

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