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Coinbin Exchange Files For Bankruptcy: More Than $26 Mln Embezzled
25 February 2019 07:34, UTC
Coinbin CEO Park Chang-kyu announced the bad news, but according to him, the reason behind this decision is a waste of funds committed by an employee
Image of The Week, February, 18 — 22: The Street, Bitcoin Magazine, News BTC and Others
22 February 2019 13:35, UTC Ian Marchewski
BNT has collected top news digest from various crypto sources and worldwide media for your attention
Blockchain Education in Africa: An Establishment Of Global Talent Source?
22 February 2019 11:59, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The success of fintech companies in Africa is difficult to overestimate. However, there is one rather weighty problem — the lack of specialists. Education might be the key
Effect.AI Will Transfer Effect Network From NEO To EOS
22 February 2019 09:02, UTC
Effect.AI is not satisfied with NEO performance. According to the company, TPS of EOS is about 300 times higher than that of NEO and Ethereum
ZCash (ZEC) Developers Rebrand To Be Called As Electric Coin Company
22 February 2019 07:16, UTC
The most likely reason for the rebranding is that the development team does not want to be associated with the ZCash Foundation
Digital Identity And Blockchain. “Data Is The New Oil”
21 February 2019 11:55, UTC Aleksandre B
Learn more about digital identity and problem solving while using blockchain technologies. We created an overview of companies developing standards and services
The Leak Of Blockchain Tutorial In Samsung Galaxy S10
21 February 2019 11:01, UTC
While Samsung fans celebrate the release of new Galaxy S10 smartphones, crypto enthusiasts are confused — the company doesn’t comment blockchain or crypto implementations
Litecoin (LTC) Overcomes The $50 Mark, Grows By More Than 20% In A Week
21 February 2019 07:03, UTC
Mid-February 2019 was marked by a revival of trading. Volatility and demand for digital assets returned to the markets, where Litecoin reminded of itself again
Dozens Of Banks To Join The IBM Service Based On Stellar (XLM)
20 February 2019 14:40, UTC
Several banks have already confirmed their plans to release digital assets, including their own stablecoins, based on IBM World Wire and Stellar
Flippening 2.0: Private funding to take over ICO sales?
20 February 2019 08:30, UTC Gregory S. Mathew
Flippening 2.0 is likely a market trend that could witness ICOs becoming less accessible to the public and more exclusive towards high-net-worth individuals and institutions
Instimatch Global Tests R3 Platform Using XRP
20 February 2019 06:54, UTC
Instimatch's partnership with R3 includes testing the Corda Settler platform for high-speed payments required for intraday trading
VeChain (VET) Announces DApp Development In Collaboration With Amazon Cloud
19 February 2019 13:30, UTC
VeChain provided solutions in the “blockchain-as-service” (BaaS) format since 2016, but now the developments have reached a new level of corporate service
Guest posts
Decentralization Theory VS Decentralization Reality
19 February 2019 11:54, UTC Hugo Jacques
Are cryptocurrencies truly decentralized as they are presented to the world? Hugo Jacques unveils some of the facts which seem to be obvious, but are discussed not so openly
Тron (TRX) Gains Leadership In The Number Of DApp Users
19 February 2019 09:08, UTC
The information came from DappReview, one of the leading rating websites which analyzes decentralized applications
Paxful To Establish 100 schools In Africa As Part Of The “BuiltWithBitcoin” Initiative
18 February 2019 10:59, UTC
Following the initiative of the company, two schools have already been built in Rwanda, and the third school is being developed as a project
Nash (NEX) Decentralized Exchange Beta Version To Be Launched On March 31
18 February 2019 08:24, UTC
Nash is the rebranding of the Neon Exchange (NEX) project. According to the founders, the exchange aims to become a “financial platform” for the future digital economy
Private Cities Emerge — Is It A Sign Of Global Decentralization Coming?
18 February 2019 06:47, UTC Denis Goncharenko
"Smart" cities are known to be based on technocratic principles, and there are also concepts of private cities based on the idea of ​​voluntarism. Is it to become a trend?
Wyoming’s new bill guarantees legal protection for cryptocurrency owners
15 February 2019 13:58, UTC
Thу state became the first jurisdiction in the US to extend property rights to cryptocurrency
BMW takes steps to blockchain-driven future
15 February 2019 08:25, UTC
The largest car concern has started the adoption of new technologies and shares its experience with partners. Decentralization of the market is inevitable, the company believes
BREAKING: JP Morgan To Launch First Bank-backed Cryptocurrency
14 February 2019 14:01, UTC
The engineers of the financial institution created JPM Coin, a digital token. Umat Farooq, the head of blockchain projects at JP Morgan shares a vision for its use

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