Warning: IRS Scammers Now Targeting Victims with Bitcoin Tax Letters
In the wake of legitimate IRS letters to US taxpayers trading cryptocurrencies, there were a few instances recorded of fraudsters trying to take advantage of the situation
06 August 2019 12:39, UTC
Guest posts
Importance of KYC/AML & Cryptocurrency Regulations in Crypto Exchanges
KYC and AML are on agenda again, since FATF has imposed some new rules on crypto. Akshara Singh is here to overview the importance of KYC/AML in the brave new world coming
06 August 2019 11:45, UTC Akshara Singh
Thailand Plans To Amend the AML Act, Sees Crypto As Threat
The Anti-Money Laundering Office in Thailand (AMLO) believes that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies pose a serious threat
06 August 2019 08:38, UTC
Bitcoin’s Computing Power Has Reached New Maximum

Today marks the first time that the two-week average computing power has been able to remain above the 70EH/s threshold, whih is new record

05 August 2019 14:33, UTC
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Bali Block Confex 2019
05 August 2019 13:49, UTC
The People’s Bank of China Prioritizes The Development Of National Cryptocurrency
The People's Bank of China is giving priority to the development of the digital currency in response to the growing global spread of cryptocurrencies
05 August 2019 09:17, UTC
Iran Police Confiscate 117 Illegal Crypto Mining hardware
According to reports from the Iranian provincial police, an individual has been arrested in the country for smuggling in 117 pieces of crypto mining hardware worth around $300,000
02 August 2019 11:06, UTC
The First Prime Brokerage To Be Launched On Corda Network
The team of former blockchain engineers and researchers at the Royal Bank of Scotland in collaboration with the London brokerage agency launched a new platform
02 August 2019 09:18, UTC
Former Goldman Sachs Executive: Bitcoin May Be Too Undervalued
Raoul PAL highly appreciates the prospects of Bitcoin after the arrival of macro investors
01 August 2019 13:46, UTC
UK: Bitcoin and Ethereum Do Not Require Regulation
According to the Financial Conduct Authority, this privilege, however, will not affect utility-tokens and stablecoins
01 August 2019 11:08, UTC
Zilliqa Integrates With Chainlink To Enable An Ecosystem Of Data-driven Smart Contracts
The collaboration will allow Zilliqa smart contracts to easily retrieve and query external data feeds through a custom Chainlink adapter, enabling access to real-time information
31 July 2019 13:54, UTC
South Korean Banks Have New Requirements For Crypto Exchanges Due To FATF Guidelines
Several cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea have mentioned that they’re facing issues renewing their agreements with local banks due to a change of internal policies
31 July 2019 09:42, UTC Denis Goncharenko
OKEx To Launch A Platform for Security Tokens in 2020
According to a press release, OKEx has teamed up with the digital and fintech division of the Maltese Stock Exchange, MSX, to launch OKMSX
31 July 2019 08:44, UTC
OpenEsquire and Polybird Partner to Bring Tokenized ISAs to Market
Companies announced their partnership to launch an end-to-end market solution for tokenizing, issuing, and trading Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) using the Ethereum blockchain
30 July 2019 12:11, UTC
Bitcoin Ranked 49th In the Forbes Global 2000 List
According to Coinmarketcap, as of July 30, the total market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) is 169 billion dollars
30 July 2019 09:31, UTC
PUBG To Receive Crypto Integration Through Refereum
A blockchain-based company Refereum has announced its partnership with PUBG, potentially bringing crypto literacy to a large section of the gaming community
29 July 2019 11:44, UTC
The IRS To Send 10,000 Letters To Taxpayers Owning Cryptocurrency
In the newsletter, the service reported that three variations of the letter with tips on paying taxes and submitting corrected tax returns are to be sent
29 July 2019 08:55, UTC
E-Government In Vietnam: Issues And Approaches To Implementation Through The Use of Blockchain Technologies
Technologies have streamlined processes, such as elections, document workflows, but the key concepts rest on the link binding the technology with the population – the human factor
26 July 2019 12:26, UTC