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CUDOS Token, a Decentralized Cloud Computing Solution, Set to Launch on BitMax Today
12 January 2021 14:00, UTC
CUDOS, a decentralized cloud computing blockchain, announces its exclusive public token listing event on the 12th of January, 2021.
Bitcoin Recovers At $35,000
12 January 2021 12:08, UTC Anna Martynova
Bitcoin fell by more than 20% in three days, but then it continued to grow again
Instimatch and Algorand (ALGO) Become Partners
11 January 2021 14:15, UTC Anna Martynova
Algorand will help expand Instimatch's capabilities and add a number of additional offerings and features
Daniel Larimer Leaves Block.One
11 January 2021 13:15, UTC Anna Martynova
Daniel Larimer, CTO of Block.One crypto project, announced his resignation
Glassnode: Bitcoin Mining Makes Revenue About $33 Million per Day
08 January 2021 15:02, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Rafael Schulze-Kraft, CTO of the analytical company, spoke about it on Twitter
OKEx Has Launched the OKExChain Mainnet
08 January 2021 14:01, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The mainnet rollout will take place in four phases, where the current epoch called the Genesis phase to last for two weeks, until January 13, 2021
The Ban on the Crypto Derivatives’ Sales Goes Effective in the UK
07 January 2021 15:19, UTC Denis Goncharenko
It was approved by the FCA in October after lengthy consultations, banning the sale, marketing and distribution of CFDs, options, futures, and ETNs that refer to cryptocurrencies — for retail investors
Bitcoin at $38,500, Crypto Market Cap Hits $1 Trillion
07 January 2021 14:17, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The maximum price is fixed at $ 38,500 per BTC on the Binance exchange. Cryptocurrency is up 9% in the last 24 hours, dominating the market
XLM Cryptocurrency Rose by 158% in a Week
06 January 2021 15:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The price of the coin has risen to $0.39. Such an activity was fixed on the Binance crypto exchange today
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CryptoGames Review - Entertaining Games, Bountiful Rewards, Exciting Wagering Contests, and a lot more!
06 January 2021 14:05, UTC
The advent of the internet era has massively impacted the gambling industry and has triggered the birth of online casinos. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have also been implemented into these casinos and have improved the way the gambling industry operates
New Bitcoin All-Time High at $35,770
06 January 2021 08:24, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The first cryptocurrency rose more than 12% per day and overcame the $ 35,000 resistance, reaching a new all-time high
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2020 in Crypto: Year in Review
06 January 2021 08:14, UTC Valery MINGOVA
As we stand on the threshold of the New Year, let us recall the most impressive and dramatic moments of 2020
CBDC Testing Continues Among the Citizens of China
05 January 2021 15:06, UTC Denis Goncharenko
100,000 so-called “red packets” will be awarded to residents of Shenzhen through the lottery, each equalling to 200 digital yuan or $30
New ATH Cap for the Entire Crypto Market
05 January 2021 14:04, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The total market capitalization of all crypto assets has reached a record all-time high — more than 883 billion dollars; amidst this event experts predict the season of altcoins
How to Protect Your Bitcoin Investments From Loss
05 January 2021 08:41, UTC Devin Partida
People are becoming more interested in bitcoin, and they want to know how to make this currency work in their favor. All investments come with risks, but there are ways to minimize loss
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Fortunium Slot
04 January 2021 14:30, UTC
Industry giants Microgaming released Fortunium slot in June 2018. Stormcraft Studios, a new independent game studio supplying solely to Microgaming produced Fortunium as its first game
Polkadot Cryptocurrency Climbed to 6th Place on Coinmarketcap
04 January 2021 14:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The value of the asset recently reached a record level and may renew highs in the coming days
New Year's Rally: Bitcoin Surged Over $34,000 with Further Correction
04 January 2021 13:26, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The price of the leading cryptocurrency went over $34,000 for the first time in history, extending the holiday rally, celebrating the 12th anniversary of the Bitcoin network
Guest posts
Welcome Packages of Slot Sites Explained
03 January 2021 14:05, UTC
When signing up to casino sites, there seems to be no end to the amount of new and innovatives ways in which the casino sites will offer players a generous bonus like a slots promotion
Polkadot Price Increased By More Than 50%
31 December 2020 12:30, UTC Anna Martynova
DOT price is skyrocketing and exceeds $8

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