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5 Most Reliable NFT Platforms

Denis Goncharenko

The world of cryptocurrencies is evolving. Today, everyone can book a hotel room via Travala or make a deposit to a reliable online casino using their tokens. Moreover, artists can earn thanks to these technologies. In this case, NFT platforms were launched. These 5 are the most reliable in this niche.


The world's largest NFT marketplace by total value of digital assets. Here every day, 20,000 users make about 50,000 transactions totaling more than $40 million.

There are more than 1.3 million lots in the Art category alone, the most expensive of which sells for 5,000 ETH. At the time of this writing, 1 ETH was worth just over $2900. The artwork is a Henry Ford quote placed in print on a uniformly gray backdrop.

Also on OpenSea, you can find a huge pile of music, virtual worlds, collectible cards for various games, just collectibles, a variety of digital items related to sports, as well as lots that are difficult to find in a specific category.

Axie Infinity

To understand how heterogeneous and strangely structured the world of NFT is, you only need to know that the second in total value of daily sold assets, but the first in the number of users, is the marketplace game Axie Infinity.

Nearly 38,000 players at Axie Infinity contribute over $28 million in daily trading volume. Items bought and sold here include creatures that can be bred and used in-game, as well as game territories, items, and more.

This seemingly frivolous endeavor has long attracted the attention of professional economists, and there is a good explanation. According to analysts at Delphi Digital, developer Axie Infinity could end the year with a profit of $1 billion. The game uses several methods of monetization, based on commission payments for purchases/sales and certain actions within the game.

Waves Ducks

This is also a game project, similar in mechanics to Tamagotchi or Pokemon. Users compete with each other to develop a "duck farm''. Duck characters in the course of the gameplay help their owner earn tokens, which can be spent on breeding pets or even withdrawn from the game in the form of fiat money.

The popularity of the project, in which more than 6.5 thousand users are already registered, is due to the fact that with a certain manner of play one can get passive income from his farm. The best of the players already have the equivalent of $100,000 per month, so there is no need to motivate the participants in this process additionally.

The Marketplace is used to sell and buy ducks with different combinations of "genetic material" on it. Rare specimens are quite expensive.

Waves Ducks is ideologically and functionally different from its various predecessors, like CryptoKitties, which almost stopped the entire Ethereum blockchain four years ago due to overload. The creators rely on a Play-to-earn approach, meaning they offer users not only the ability to trade characters on an internal marketplace, but also the ability to play to earn. By performing various actions and competing with other participants, players can earn a large number of tokens, which can later be used to develop their own farm.

NBA Top Shot

With a relatively modest daily trading volume ($380,000), the NBA Top Shot Marketplace is an interesting example of a "sports NFT marketplace". The Marketplace is officially licensed by the U.S. National Basketball Association and offers its users, no more and no less, to buy and sell highlights from actual historic NBA games.

The idea is clearly borrowed from baseball cards, but on a whole new technological level. Transactions here are done in dollars, and NFT transactions are recorded in the FLOW blockchain. The creators of NBA Top Shot themselves call the project nothing short of "a new era in fandom." Judging by the number of transactions, many agree with that statement. On August 7, @Dubria sold a legendary Zion Williamson game moment to one @jerlevine for $79,999.

The average transaction here is somewhere around $10, but it looks like some users are quite successful in speculating on tokens and making money from basketball fans.


Art, photos, music, games, digital universes, domain names and even memes are all sold and bought on the NFT-marketplace Rarible, which ranks fourth in the top 10 of such projects.

The marketplace site is visited by 2 million people a month. And this is even with a fairly modest daily trading volume, which is a little over $750,000. The popularity can be explained by the fact that many celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, are noted here among NFT sellers. Not bad at all for a project created by two of our compatriots.

Rarible recently closed its A investment round, receiving a total of $14.2 million from Venrock Capital, CoinFund and 01 Advisors. There is no doubt that the project will actively develop on these funds and will probably continue to improve its position in the ranking. It is definitely worth a closer look if you intend to dive into the world of NFT.

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