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Why Every Site Should Offer Crypto as Form of Payment

Marina Turea

Crypto is a form of digital currency that is projected to revolutionize payments in the future. As a peer-to-peer transaction system, crypto payments come with an array of advantages that conventional payment systems can’t provide. Although the digital currency has only been around for a few years, it is inspiringly gaining stability, and its value is on the incline. Today, crypto as a payment method has inspired many businesses around the world, thanks to the unique financial benefits it serves.

We will be looking at several reasons why the introduction of crypto payments for sites is a good initiative. Here are some of the ideas associated with this form of payment:

  • Minimal transactional fees
  • Fast payments
  • Increased security
  • Supports global transactions
  • Irreversible transactions
  • Zero paperwork
  • Growth in value

Crypto counters the shortcomings of conventional payment methods on top of offering customers a wide range of payment options. Let’s have a look at each advantage in detail.

Minimal Transactional Fees

Conventional online payment methods, such as card payment and wire transfer, come with transaction expenditures. Some entities facilitating the transactions charge even up to 5% of the total amount being sent. With crypto, there is minimal or even no processing fee to be incurred. It facilitates the betterment of customer service and experience by saving customers from the burden of transaction expenditure.

Fast Payments

04-10-2019 11:04:22  |   Investments
Cryptocurrency is one of the safest forms of online payment and also the fastest. A customer has full control of their wallet and money, and all the transaction logs can be retrieved to show all the activities. Noteworthy, when the customer approves a transaction, the site immediately receives the payment as there are no processing procedures involved. According to Forbes, fast crypto transactions, therefore, facilitate the efficiency of online businesses.

Increased Security

According to BestTechie, the fact that cryptocurrency eliminates intermediaries not only leads to minimal transaction expenditures. It also contributes to the security of cash. Thanks to this peer-to-peer transactional system, it is increasingly easier for an individual to manage and monitor their finances. One only needs to log in to their digital crypto wallet and make a payment. In other words, it is only the individual who has access and control over their money, and it, therefore, brings about some degree of security.

Supporting Global Transactions

Some of the major setbacks that come with using most traditional payment methods are geographical and institutional barriers. For example, some payment options, such as wire transfers, are limited to a specific region and banking institutions. It means that if a customer does not bank with a specific institution and does not live in a given region, they won’t be able to pay for goods and services. The good news is that this geographical and institutional localization glitch can be eliminated with the use of the cryptocurrency payment system.

Regardless of the place where one is located, as long as they have an internet connection and can access their cryptocurrency wallet, they can conveniently send and receive payments without any hardships. However, it is essential to take note that some services do not accept transactions from certain countries, not as a payment method limitation but as a business strategy.

Irreversible Transactions

A major hitch that many online businesses have had to deal with is the reversal of transactions by customers more so after processing of purchases made. Also, when transactions become disputed, it is a significant loss for websites, as the third-party service providers may never release the money.

As for cryptocurrency, once a transaction has been made, the process is not reversible. It somewhat facilitates the security of the sites against underhand visitors. The peer-to-peer blockchain system does not support the reversal of processes. The only way an individual can receive the currency they’ve sent is by getting the party sending it back. Such an approach deals with the problem of rogue users who would try to manipulate the payment systems.

Zero Paperwork

To some extent, paperwork is involved when it comes to the conventional payment methods around. The cryptocurrency method, being a peer-to-peer payment system, does not have any paperwork, as there are no processing procedures involved. Paperwork management can be a daunting task more so where scores of transactions are involved. Cryptocurrency payment makes things easier for online retailers to monitor and account for every transaction made.

Growth in Value

Value appreciation is a concept that’s progressively becoming a reality in cryptocurrency. As it is a new form of payment, its inception was preceded by a season of value fluctuation because of the instability that the currency faced a few years ago.

Nowadays, many online businesses around the world have embraced this new payment system on the grounds of its generous advantages. Consequently, the currency has gained stability and is progressively appreciating in value.

Online Casinos as an Example of Successful Adoption of Crypto Payments

Casinos became one of the industries that have eagerly adopted the crypto payments and reaped all the benefits from the latest tech. Crypto, as a payment method, has inspired the development and revamp of online casinos around the world, thanks to the unique financial guarantees it provides.

A good example of an online casino that embraced crypto payments and has been enjoying the benefits is Ignition Casino. Despite being a somewhat new entrant on the online gambling market, this service has won the trust and preference of many players, thanks to the well-designed website and convenience of payment methods it offers.

Digital Currency is the Future of Online Transactions

24-12-2019 14:10:02  |   Guest posts
Just like any other innovation, the cryptocurrency concept has suffered disapproval at first, but this digital currency has proved the critics wrong. Numerous industries have embraced and enjoyed the advantages that come with the crypto payment implementation, with online casinos being among them.

The advantages of cryptocurrency by far outweighs what critics could argue as disadvantages. For any online business that is looking forward to widening its customer base and fostering security in its transactions, the crypto payment is one of the ways to go.

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