Police Raid on Binance Offices in China Turned Out to Be False
22 November 2019 11:31, UTC
Nevertheless, rumors of police activity in Shanghai significantly accelerated the fall of the market
Official Website of Monero Hacked, Users Suffered from Malware
21 November 2019 14:36, UTC Denis Goncharenko
GetMonero was hacked on November 19, when one of the users noticed that the hash from the downloaded XMR wallet does not match the hash indicated on the website
Paypal CEO: “crypto is an interesting idea, blockchain shows a lot of promise”
21 November 2019 11:28, UTC
Dan Schulman admitted that he owns bitcoins, and also commented on the possibility of introducing cryptocurrencies into Paypal's business
Lambos are Back: Luxury Car Maker Introduces Blockchain
20 November 2019 12:11, UTC
Auto maker’s managers believe that blockchain will simplify the process of authenticity tracking by gathering all partners into one reliable distributed network
New Hack: 2.2 Mln GateHub and RuneScape EpicBot Accounts Leaked
20 November 2019 09:04, UTC
Stolen information reportedly includes email addresses, passwords, two-factor authentication keys, mnemonic phrases, and wallet hashes
CNMV Blacklists a New Unregulated ICO in Spain
19 November 2019 13:39, UTC
According to the CNMV, the ICO company had absolutely no authority or registered documentations in Spain and therefore did not possess any legitimacy in offering a security token
Hahn Air Launches Blockchain-based Airline Tickets
19 November 2019 09:54, UTC
Ticket sales through the blockchain made possible by the collaboration of Hahn Air with Winding Tree, a decentralized platform for the travel industry
Finnish Regulator Registered LocalBitcoins as a Financial Service Provider
18 November 2019 14:19, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Finland allows only officially registered providers that comply with legal requirements to work
Dutch Blockchain Company Searching for a Run-away CEO
15 November 2019 13:41, UTC
The CEO of Komodore64 is suspect of defrauding several investors of millions of euros into his company and spending it on parties, also failing to pay his employees accordingly
SingularityNET Integrates PayPal Payments
15 November 2019 12:33, UTC
SingularityNET, a decentralized artificial intelligence technology provider, has announced the successful integration of PayPal payments on its blockchain-based marketplace
Weiss Ratings: Cardano Better Than EOS
14 November 2019 15:02, UTC Denis Goncharenko
In their latest tweet, Weiss Crypto Ratings defiantly praised Cardano, triggering a storm of crypto enthusiasts’ reactions
Bitfinex to Launch Crypto Options and a New Stablecoin in 2020
14 November 2019 09:40, UTC
The technical director did not disclose details about the token, but given the name, it will be issued by Tether, a company whose management is also related to Bitfinex
Binance and HTC To Release a Smartphone with Binance Chain Integration
13 November 2019 13:36, UTC
HTC EXODUS 1 Binance Edition will be the first smartphone supporting Binance Chain in the world, and Zion Vault will be integrated with Binance DEX
AUSTRAC Performed First Crypto Fraudster Arrests
13 November 2019 12:57, UTC
A 38-year-old man from Cairnlea was arrested in his own house after conducting extensive investigations about his proposed fraudulent activities with the help of cryptocurrencies
HerdX and UPS Deliver US Beef to Japan with Blockchain Verification
12 November 2019 14:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The companies jointly developed tracking technology that improves the quality control of beef products for international shipments
The Central Bank of France is Looking for a Blockchain Specialist
12 November 2019 10:02, UTC
The Central Bank of France has published a job opening for a blockchain analyst who will help the bank determine the program for introducing digital currency
Bakkt Sets a New Record for the Number of Contracts
11 November 2019 12:55, UTC
Bakkt Volume Bot's Twitter account, designed to track Bakkt's trading volume, estimates the number of contracts traded at 1,741 over a 24-hour period
Andreessen Horowitz Launches Blockchain School
11 November 2019 09:53, UTC
On Friday, the venture capital firm, founded by Mark Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, announced that it is opening A16z crypto startup school
Binance Adds Euro to Its Trading Pairs
08 November 2019 14:51, UTC
At the beginning of 2019, Binance did not support fiat currencies. The addition of the euro indicates Binance's intentions to continue its expansion in Europe
The FBI Thinks Cryptocurrency is a Threat to National Security
08 November 2019 14:08, UTC
The director of the FBI of the United States of America testified in front of congress and pressed the issue of cryptocurrencies. Senator Mitt Romney also voiced his concern

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