Binance Adds Coinbase Stock Tradable Token Following Nasdaq Listing
14 April 2021 12:08, UTC Anna Martynova
Binance announces plans to list COIN/BUSD after Coinbase goes public on Nasdaq
JPMorgan Tests Blockchain Payment Solution
13 April 2021 14:40, UTC Anna Martynova
American investment bank and financial services provider JPMorgan tests the blockchain payment solution Confirm in Asia
Spanish Tax Authority Sends Warnings To Cryptocurrency Holders
13 April 2021 13:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Spanish Tax Agency has made it clear that cryptocurrencies are subject to taxation, and their holders have already received warning letters
Romanian University Plans To Accept Elrond (EGLD) As A Payment For Admission
12 April 2021 13:00, UTC Anna Martynova
The State University in the Romanian city of Sibiu in Transylvania will allow students to pay admission fees with cryptocurrency
Upcoming BNB Token Burn Pushes Binance Coin (BNB) To All-Time High Of $ 564
12 April 2021 11:55, UTC Anna Martynova
The upcoming token burn triggered massive increases in Binance Coin (BNB) prices and skyrocketing profits for all BNB token holders and investors
Sri Lanka Central Bank Warns About Cryptocurrency Risks and Unlicensed Exchanges
12 April 2021 10:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Lately, crypto-related talks became very popular in Sri Lanka and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka published an official announcement, regarding cryptocurrencies
Revolut Listed 11 New Tokens
09 April 2021 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
London neobank adds 11 more cryptocurrencies to the list, bringing the total number of available coins to 21
Spanish Travelers Will Be Able to Receive Compensation in Cryptocurrency Instead of Euros
09 April 2021 13:45, UTC Anna Martynova
The spanish crypto exchange and legal association have signed an agreement according to which travelers will be able to receive compensation in cryptocurrency
Tyson Fury Launches NFT Collection
08 April 2021 12:55, UTC Anna Martynova
Tyson Fury launches world's first NFT boxing collection
Ontology's Wing Cross-Chain Lending Platform Now Available on Ethereum Blockchain
08 April 2021 11:50, UTC Anna Martynova
Millions of DeFi users around the world will have access to Wing's unique lending, borrowing and insuring features
Sweden's Central Bank to Attract Commercial Banks to Test E-Krona Capabilities
07 April 2021 14:20, UTC Anna Martynova
The central bank of Sweden will engage banks to test how e-Krona can handle commercial and retail payments in the real world
CoinMarketCap Removes South Korean Crypto Exchanges From Bitcoin Price Tracker
07 April 2021 13:15, UTC Anna Martynova
Cryptocurrency data provider CoinMarketCap will not use data from South Korean exchanges to calculate the bitcoin rate
CryptoPunks NFT Are Coming To The Streets Of Miami
06 April 2021 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
100 characters from the popular crypto project CryptoPunks will be displayed on bus stops and billboards in Miami as part of the Pixelated art exhibition
Crypto Hodlers Will Have To Report To The Federal Tax Service
06 April 2021 12:55, UTC Anna Martynova
The draft law on amendments to the Tax Code implies the obligation of citizens to inform about the ownership of cryptocurrency
BitTorrent (BTT) Grows By 86% And Enters The Top 10
05 April 2021 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
BitTorrent gains 86% in 24 hours to become the tenth cryptocurrency by market cap
Cryptocurrency Adoption in Thailand Is Growing Rapidly.
05 April 2021 12:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Cryptocurrency volumes on Thailand's licensed exchanges grow, P2P platforms seem to lose popularity
Decentraland Launches Bridge to Move MANA Tokens to Polygon
02 April 2021 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Decentraland now includes an account portal where MANA tokens can be moved from the Ethereum blockchain to the Polygon Matic network and back
New Mining Malware Targets Call of Duty Player
02 April 2021 12:45, UTC Anna Martynova
Researchers at Activision have discovered a new malware that installs hidden cryptocurrency miners on users' PCs
South Korea to Launch Blockchain-Based Vaccination Passports
01 April 2021 11:00, UTC Anna Martynova
South Korean PM announces that blockchain-based vaccine passports will be launched later this month
NFT Sales Reach Record Volumes
01 April 2021 09:55, UTC Anna Martynova
NFT sales reach record $200 mln in March, much more than in the past 12 months

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