Istanbul Hard Fork Date for Ethereum Network Is Unveiled
Team lead of Ethereum Foundation confirmed the upcoming fork of Istanbul. He tweeted about it
08 November 2019 10:12, UTC
Volvo To Introduce Blockchain in Cobalt Tracking
Over the next decade, the concern, together with its battery suppliers, CATL and LG Chem, will monitor the quality of the batteries
07 November 2019 14:21, UTC
Hong Kong’s SFC Invites Companies to Apply for Regulatory Licenses
The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong has finished drafting its regulation and started to release a set of guidelines for crypto companies based in the city
07 November 2019 09:43, UTC
TurkeyTo Complete Testing of Digital Lira by the End of 2020
Resmi Gazete published a document stating that the digital lira is part of a plan to strengthen the economy. Digital currency will be issued by the central bank of the country
06 November 2019 14:17, UTC
European Union on Board With the e-Euro Idea, Drafts New Bill
The European Union is urging its member states to consider creating a local digital currency for better controlling the blockchain industry
06 November 2019 09:53, UTC
The Federal Reserve Could Be Considering a Digital Dollar
After multiple talks for the adoption of the digital dollar, it seems like the US Federal Reserve is starting to consider this possibility
05 November 2019 12:35, UTC
British HMRC Does Not Recognize Cryptos as Real Money
The agency has concluded in a new ruling that cryptocurrencies are not to be recognized as real money, but tax laws will still apply to their multiple variations
05 November 2019 08:21, UTC
Cardano and COTI Take New Steps Towards the Introduction of Crypto Payments
Users will be able to make daily purchases on the Internet using the Cardano native Ada cryptocurrency. COTI is the enterprise blockchain protocol for cryptocurrency payments
04 November 2019 10:38, UTC
Belgian FSMA Expands Crypto Scam List
The financial regulator of Belgium, the Financial Services and Markets Authority has expanded its list of potential crypto scam domains. The list was increased to 131 websites
01 November 2019 13:30, UTC
Litecoin (LTC) Is Utilized For Miami Dolphins 50/50 Raffles
According to data provided by Aliant, 46 transactions were made during the last home game, and most of them were made in Litecoin
01 November 2019 07:59, UTC
Another Indian State Proposes Regulation for Blockchain and AI
Tamil Nadu has already started drafting the legislation after conducting months of research for the ethical use of modern technologies such as blockchain and AI
31 October 2019 09:10, UTC
Rusal’s Powers in Russia Will Be Directed to Mining Bitcoins
The Russian Internet ombudsman wants to give new life to an aluminum factory closed due to sanctions. An ambitious project can get up to 20% of the global bitcoin mining market
30 October 2019 11:05, UTC
PBoC Emphasizes the Importance of Blockchain Adoption in Commercial Banks
The statement was made by Li Wei during a conference in Shanghai where he was talking about the potential of China’s involvement in the blockchain technology
30 October 2019 09:04, UTC
Libra Must Comply with Cross-Border Transaction Rules or Will Be Banned
This was stated by the chief Chinese financial regulator on Monday
29 October 2019 13:33, UTC
Bitmain’s Largest Shareholder Sacked, Bitcoin Cash Grows Impressively
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) soared 10% after reports that Bitmain is removing its co-founder Micree Zhan
29 October 2019 11:01, UTC
World Wide Fund for Nature Unveils Impactio
WWF believes that the Ethereum-based blockchain will help increase fundraising to achieve the goals set by the UN
28 October 2019 13:36, UTC
Crypto Capital Executive Charged with Fraud, Bitfinex Calls Itself an Aggrieved Party
The exchange distances itself from money laundering, while international law enforcement officers figure out the frauds of Crypto Capital
28 October 2019 11:05, UTC
The Creators of Waves and GHP Group Launch a Joint Venture
A joint project will perform in Russia with headquarters in Moscow. According to Alexander Ivanov, logistics is one of the most promising sectors for blockchain
25 October 2019 14:31, UTC
The City of Johannesburg Becomes a Victim of Bitcoin Ransom
The city of Johannesburg in South Africa, also known as Joburg experienced a very serious cyberattack on Thursday, October 24th, with the hackers demanding a ransom of 4 Bitcoins
25 October 2019 08:30, UTC
SoftBank and IBM Team Up to Develop Innovative Blockchain Solutions
SoftBank develops blockchain solutions, focusing on technologies that will allow smartphone users to make payments when traveling abroad as well as in roaming
24 October 2019 10:00, UTC