The Ban on the Crypto Derivatives’ Sales Goes Effective in the UK
07 January 2021 15:19, UTC Denis Goncharenko
It was approved by the FCA in October after lengthy consultations, banning the sale, marketing and distribution of CFDs, options, futures, and ETNs that refer to cryptocurrencies — for retail investors
Bitcoin at $38,500, Crypto Market Cap Hits $1 Trillion
07 January 2021 14:17, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The maximum price is fixed at $ 38,500 per BTC on the Binance exchange. Cryptocurrency is up 9% in the last 24 hours, dominating the market
XLM Cryptocurrency Rose by 158% in a Week
06 January 2021 15:10, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The price of the coin has risen to $0.39. Such an activity was fixed on the Binance crypto exchange today
New Bitcoin All-Time High at $35,770
06 January 2021 08:24, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The first cryptocurrency rose more than 12% per day and overcame the $ 35,000 resistance, reaching a new all-time high
CBDC Testing Continues Among the Citizens of China
05 January 2021 15:06, UTC Denis Goncharenko
100,000 so-called “red packets” will be awarded to residents of Shenzhen through the lottery, each equalling to 200 digital yuan or $30
New ATH Cap for the Entire Crypto Market
05 January 2021 14:04, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The total market capitalization of all crypto assets has reached a record all-time high — more than 883 billion dollars; amidst this event experts predict the season of altcoins
Polkadot Cryptocurrency Climbed to 6th Place on Coinmarketcap
04 January 2021 14:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The value of the asset recently reached a record level and may renew highs in the coming days
New Year's Rally: Bitcoin Surged Over $34,000 with Further Correction
04 January 2021 13:26, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The price of the leading cryptocurrency went over $34,000 for the first time in history, extending the holiday rally, celebrating the 12th anniversary of the Bitcoin network
Polkadot Price Increased By More Than 50%
31 December 2020 12:30, UTC Anna Martynova
DOT price is skyrocketing and exceeds $8
Bitcoin Enters 2021 With A Price $29,000
31 December 2020 11:10, UTC Anna Martynova
Bitcoin price skyrockets to $29,000
Spanish Town Lebrija Launched Stablecoin Elio
30 December 2020 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
A city in the Spanish province of Seville launches its cryptocurrency to facilitate local transactions during COVID-19
Miners Purchase New Equipment
30 December 2020 13:45, UTC Anna Martynova
Mining farms are moving north from China, especially to Sweden and Norway
Coinbase Delists XRP – Token Price Falls Again
29 December 2020 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Coinbase plans to suspend XRP token trading on January 19
Retail Investors' Interest In Cryptocurrencies Lower Than 2017
29 December 2020 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Retail interest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency is much lower than 2017
David Sønstebø Explains His Reasons For Leaving IOTA
28 December 2020 15:40, UTC Anna Martynova
David Sønstebø wrote a post on Medium explaining his departure from the project
Theta (THETA) Price Rises Sharply In December
28 December 2020 14:40, UTC Anna Martynova
Theta is one of the best players in the crypto market in December
Ford: Blockchain Will Reduce Pollution
25 December 2020 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Ford says blockchain can help reduce pollution in big cities
Paypal and BitGo Deal Failed
25 December 2020 13:00, UTC Anna Martynova
PayPal's alleged deal with BitGo is failed
Mark Cuban Offers Discount On Purchase Paid In Bitcoin
25 December 2020 12:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Dallas Mavericks offers special discounts on purchase paid in bitcoin
Many Companies Delisted XRP After SEC Lawsuit
24 December 2020 13:30, UTC Anna Martynova
SEC lawsuit against Ripple forced some exchanges to stop trading XRP tokens

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