Solana Filed Class Action Lawsuit in California Federal Court

Plaintiff alleges that the entities violated securities laws. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants benefited from SOL at the expense of retail investors

07 July 2022 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Goldman Sachs Makes First Bitcoin Futures Trade In Asia

Banking giant Goldman Sachs has completed the first block trade of bitcoin futures in Asia

06 July 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova
Fairfax County, Virginia Gives $35 Mln to VanEck Crypto Lending Fund

Fairfax County continues its cryptocurrency investment efforts through VanEck lending crypto fund, exploring the world of yield farming through the asset manager

06 July 2022 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova
GEM Digital Uses H20N Tokens to Fund Water Delivery Infrastructure

GEM Digital will use H20N tokens to fund infrastructure for delivering water to areas where there is no access to fresh water

05 July 2022 14:52, UTC Anna Martynova
Tencent Is Testing NFT avatars and a Virtual Music Room In The QQ Music App

Tencent has begun testing a Music Zone "virtual room" on its QQ Music app and non-fungible tokens as profile pictures

05 July 2022 13:44, UTC Anna Martynova
Cardano Developers Launch Vasil Update on Testnet

The Cardano team has launched the Vasil upgrade on the testnet to make necessary adjustments prior to mainnet integration

04 July 2022 15:20, UTC Anna Martynova
000.eth Domain Sold For $320,000

Ethereum Name Service has registered the second largest sale of the ENS name

04 July 2022 14:18, UTC Anna Martynova
Mercedes-Benz to Launch Exclusive NFT Collection on FTX

Mercedes is partnering with digital artist MBSJQ to release the NFT collection on FTX

01 July 2022 14:40, UTC Anna Martynova
Argentinian Tax Agency Takes Control of Institution's Debtors' Digital Wallets

The Argentinian tax agency has stepped up the confiscation of taxpayers' digital wallets in the country

01 July 2022 13:35, UTC Anna Martynova
Bank for International Settlements to Allow Banks to Hold 1% of Reserves in Bitcoin

The Bank for International Settlements intends to limit banks' reserves in the riskiest class of crypto assets

01 July 2022 06:20, UTC Anna Martynova
VeChain to Develop Web3 Inventory Monetization System

VeChain and Supply@ME Capital have teamed up to create new Web3 products

30 June 2022 15:17, UTC Anna Martynova
Samsung Begins Production of Bitcoin Mining Chips

Samsung will begin production of 3nm chips that can be used for bitcoin mining

30 June 2022 13:34, UTC Anna Martynova
Cosmos Will Roll Out A New Feature Called Interchain Security In The Coming Months

Cosmos Hub is going to introduce interchain security within three months

29 June 2022 15:04, UTC Anna Martynova
MakerDAO to Allocate Reserve 500 Mln DAI in Bonds

MakerDAO plans to invest 500 mln DAI in short-term US Treasury bills and possibly corporate bonds

29 June 2022 14:04, UTC Anna Martynova
Millions Stolen From Horizon Harmony Protocol Sent To Tornado Cash

The hacker is laundering part of the stolen assets from the Horizon Bridge platform

28 June 2022 15:05, UTC Anna Martynova
CoinFLEX Will Conduct A $47 Mln Recovery Value USD Token Sale

CoinFLEX will conduct a $47 mln Recovery Value USD token sale to resume the withdrawal function

28 June 2022 13:54, UTC Anna Martynova
Catalonia Has Created Its Own Metaverse

Catalonia's CatVers virtual platform has been launched with the support of the regional government and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

27 June 2022 14:35, UTC Anna Martynova
A$DC Stablecoin Used to Buy Tokenized Carbon Credit Units

A$DC was used to purchase tokenized carbon credits in a transaction aimed at testing the applicability of the asset in carbon abatement instruments

27 June 2022 13:23, UTC Anna Martynova
Solana Announces New Crypto Smartphone and Web3 Development Kit

Solana Labs introduced the Solana Saga smartphone. The device will go on sale in early 2023 for $1,000

24 June 2022 14:59, UTC Anna Martynova
The Central Bank of Singapore Will Not Tolerate Bad Behavior In The Crypto Industry

The Central Bank of Singapore will be "brutal and unrelentingly hard" on bad behavior in the crypto industry

24 June 2022 14:18, UTC Anna Martynova