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Avalanche Ecosystem Expects Influx of Big Name Brands

27 July 2022 14:07, UTC
Anna Martynova

Ava Labs President John WU was recently interviewed by Anthony POMPLIANO and discussed what the future holds for Avalanche (AVAX). Avalanche's CEO revealed that several "big name brands" will enter the Avalanche ecosystem over the next year.

In an interview, he revealed that several partnerships are in the works and could be implemented within the next 12 months. He revealed that several leading companies from the world of gaming and finance are in talks with Avalanche and will soon join Avalanche and its ecosystem.

Wu also talked about traditional finance and the inefficiencies that get in the way of it. In his opinion, traditional financial companies need to implement blockchain technology, which would be extremely beneficial, as it would simplify the transaction process by eliminating any links in the transaction settlement chain.

Image: Journal du Geek