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Dogecoin Developers Launch New Anti-FUD Platform

28 July 2022 13:50, UTC
Anna Martynova

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to experience widespread fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), Dogecoin developers have launched a new solution to help deal with the growing uncertainty associated with DOGE.

The Dogepedia platform contains frequently asked questions (FAQs), answers, guides, and other relevant information related to the Dogecoin ecosystem. Some of the articles already published on Dogepedia include steps to mine DOGE, set up a Dogecoin wallet, buy the memcoin, and run nodes on the blockchain.

The developers have already published several articles to fight against FUD around Dogecoin, especially in the aspect that DOGE is useless. Dogecoin developers have responded to this criticism in the FAQ & FUD section. In addition to the articles already posted on the platform, community members are also allowed to post their articles about Dogecoin and interact with DOGE influencers.

Image: Mynet Finans