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Cardano Hits New Milestone With 1,760 Days Of Uptime

25 July 2022 15:00, UTC
Anna Martynova

Cardano has once again confirmed its reputation as one of the most stable networks in the crypto industry, marking another milestone of uptime as opposed to networks that experience outages from time to time. According to the Cardano blockchain explorer, the network has been operating smoothly for almost five years, despite many periods of extremely high load.

The smooth operation of the blockchain is most likely due to the fact that Cardano is one of the most actively developing chains in the entire industry, as the number of GitHub commits for the project reached 350 in June. Such high developer activity is due to the lack of existing technologies and solutions on the network, which makes it a wild field for developers who migrate their decentralized solutions from other networks to Cardano, which in turn offers fast transaction processing and relatively low fees.

In addition to the small number of existing applications on the network, Cardano receives a huge number of updates in relatively short periods of time compared to networks like Solana or even Ethereum. One of the most recent and important updates for Cardano was the Vasil hard fork, which brought new features to the network and greatly simplified the process of registering decentralized applications.

Image: Binance Academy