Central African Republic Approves Bitcoin as a Reserve Asset
18 July 2022 14:18, UTC Anna Martynova

The Central African Republic has decided to use the main cryptocurrency as part of its national reserves

Hyundai Motor Launches NFT For New IONIQ 6 Electric Vehicle
18 July 2022 12:37, UTC Anna Martynova

Hyundai Motor has unveiled the NFT membership program for its new IONIQ 6 electric vehicle, which gives owners exclusive access to Web3 content

Société Générale-Forge Will Be Able To Take Out A Loan Of Up To 30 Mln DAI
15 July 2022 14:15, UTC Anna Martynova

French multinational investment bank will be able to borrow up to $30 mln in DAI

Celsius Network Owes Customers $4.7 Bln
15 July 2022 13:30, UTC Anna Martynova

Lending crypto platform Celsius Network, which recently announced its bankruptcy, owes customers $4.7 bln

Brazil's Lower House Won't Consider Cryptocurrency Bill Until Presidential Election
14 July 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Brazil's lower house is postponing a vote on a cryptocurrency bill until the presidential election in October

CryptoPunk #4464 Sold for $2.6 Mln
14 July 2022 13:34, UTC Anna Martynova

The bidder purchased CryptoPunk #4464 for 2500 ETH, equivalent to 2.6 mln USD

Solana dApps Now Supported By Brave Browser
13 July 2022 15:10, UTC Anna Martynova

Cryptocurrency-focused browser Brave has expanded its support for Solana by integrating dApps

French Central Bank Accelerates Work On CBDC
13 July 2022 14:15, UTC Anna Martynova

The French Central Bank wants to be ready to introduce CBDC as a settlement tool by 2023

PicPay Launches Crypto Payments Feature, Crypto Exchange And Its Own Stablecoin
12 July 2022 15:20, UTC Anna Martynova

Brazilian mobile payment app will launch crypto payment feature, a crypto exchange and a Brazilian real-pegged stablecoin

GameStop Launches NFT Trading Platform
12 July 2022 14:20, UTC Anna Martynova

GameStop launches its own Ethereum-based NFT trading platform

ING Sells Digital Storage Technology To Gmex Group
11 July 2022 12:32, UTC Anna Martynova

ING Bank announced that it has transferred its digital asset storage solution Pyctor to market infrastructure provider GMEX Group

OMNI Platform Lost 1300 ETH In A Cyber ​​Attack
11 July 2022 11:30, UTC Anna Martynova

NFT protocol OMNI lost approximately 1300 ETH as a result of shady NFT staking

Aave Wants To Launch Its Own GHO Stablecoin
08 July 2022 15:20, UTC Anna Martynova

The Aave development team invited the community to launch GHO, a multi-collateral stablecoin pegged to the US dollar

Celsius Was Sued. The Platform Is Accused of Fraud
08 July 2022 14:25, UTC Anna Martynova

An asset manager has sued landing platform Celsius and claims it was an elaborate "Ponzi scheme"

Polygon Brings Web3 Functionality To Nothing's Smartphones
07 July 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Polygon is preparing to bring Web3 to a wider audience with Nothing collaboration

Solana Filed Class Action Lawsuit in California Federal Court
07 July 2022 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Plaintiff alleges that the entities violated securities laws. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants benefited from SOL at the expense of retail investors

Goldman Sachs Makes First Bitcoin Futures Trade In Asia
06 July 2022 15:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Banking giant Goldman Sachs has completed the first block trade of bitcoin futures in Asia

Fairfax County, Virginia Gives $35 Mln to VanEck Crypto Lending Fund
06 July 2022 14:00, UTC Anna Martynova

Fairfax County continues its cryptocurrency investment efforts through VanEck lending crypto fund, exploring the world of yield farming through the asset manager

GEM Digital Uses H20N Tokens to Fund Water Delivery Infrastructure
05 July 2022 14:52, UTC Anna Martynova

GEM Digital will use H20N tokens to fund infrastructure for delivering water to areas where there is no access to fresh water

Tencent Is Testing NFT avatars and a Virtual Music Room In The QQ Music App
05 July 2022 13:44, UTC Anna Martynova

Tencent has begun testing a Music Zone "virtual room" on its QQ Music app and non-fungible tokens as profile pictures

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