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Floki Inu Launches A New Project Called FlockFi Locker

04 August 2022 14:13, UTC
Anna Martynova

The developers of the popular Floki memcoin have come up with a security mechanism to protect Floki holders from hacks and fraud. The project is called FlockFi Locker and will be part of a new roadmap dubbed Project L.

The FlockiFi Locker mechanism allows users to block access to their digital assets and thus increase security. FlokiFi Locker supported assets include NFTs, liquidity pool tokens, and ERC20 and BEP-20 based tokens such as Floki. Multi-tokens are also part of the supported assets.

The developers of Floki also include a mechanism to increase the value of the coin over time. Floki is the native token that FlokiFi Locker will run on and a significant portion of transaction fees will be used to buy and burn Floki tokens as a measure of deflation. At the time of writing, FLOKI is trading at around $0.000015 and has a market cap of $151 mln.

Image: Captain Inu