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DFINITY Team Announces Release of Beta Version of BTC-ICP Integration

05 August 2022 15:25, UTC
Anna Martynova

For Bitcoin, advanced and complex smart contracts will be available. The direct inclusion of Web Desktop on the Bitcoin blockchain, which eliminates the need for a trusted middleman or bridging, has been made public by the DFINITY R&D team as a beta release. With integration APIs, developers can create and run tests right away.

With quick final judgment and reduced transaction fees, this historic moment paves the pathway for a successful general availability (GA) rollout in the upcoming months that will bring innovative smart contract functionality for Bitcoin on the massively scalable Internet Computer blockchain.

Due to the easy and secure assimilation of the Internet Computer, for example, Bitcoin crypto loaning will be possible at a higher level of trust than offered on some other platforms, making it an obvious choice for DeFi developers. Overall, BTC may surpass ICP as one of the most widely used tokens on the Internet Computer.

Image: Dfinity Community