Finovate Europe 2020: For the Better Customer Journey
Relocated from London possibly due to the Brexit reasons, the European stage of one of the most important world fintech events has gathered new and regular public in Berlin
19 February 2020 08:47, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Are Security Token Offerings Good for Blockchain Crowdfunding Business?
STOs are similar to ICOs where an investor exchanges money for coins and tokens representing their investment
12 February 2020 09:27, UTC Ronon Margo
Ten Digital Banks to Keep an Eye on in 2020
In the next few years, most of the financial institutions will enter 2.0 mode: banks will become available for money transactions around the clock from anywhere in the world
11 February 2020 08:25, UTC Monica Rodriguez
Should you Buy Gold or Bitcoin?

Gold has proven to be a safe haven for investors in times of market trouble. However, a new option appeared in 2009 in the form of Bitcoin

30 January 2020 14:35, UTC
Libra Continues to Lose Major Supporters. But Is That a Problem?
The association is still seeking regulatory clearance and looking for new members as well. And, in fact, it has quite a queue of possible partners
23 January 2020 09:21, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Beginner Tips: How to Determine the Best Time to Dump Your Cryptocurrency
If you have already purchased a cryptocurrency, knowing when to dump it, reap your profits, and/or reinvest your investment is essential
21 January 2020 06:56, UTC Michael Kuchar
The Changes on the Crypto Exchange Market Within Two Years. Should We Trust the Stats?
Cryptocurrency exchanges are the most important intermediaries in the market and at the same time the main object of criticism. BNT studied the changes within two years and who haven’t survived a difficult time of the industry
20 January 2020 13:37, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
Crypto Market: the Review of 2019
Bitnewstoday publishes annual cryptocurrency market statistics. We present you how the prices of bitcoin and altcoins changed during 2019
30 December 2019 09:45, UTC Margareth Nail
2019: Failures and Frustrations of the Digital Economy
Here we speak about events and trends of the outgoing year that seem important to us because of the negative effect that they have had on the entire digital economy
18 December 2019 07:56, UTC Aleksandre B
Crypto Wallets: How to Survive in This Business Over the Years
The loss of cryptocurrency is irreversible. You might make a mistake in the address during the transfer… and lose your money! Bitnewstoday’s review focuses on reliable crypto wallets on the market, both old and new ones
17 December 2019 14:30, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
The Role of Crypto is Increasing in the Darknet. Governments Not Ready Yet
2017 managed to bring Bitcoin into the light and the lives of common people, but the dark past of only being used on illegal platforms is far from forgotten
17 December 2019 08:23, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Bitcoin: No Fluff. Just the Facts
Bitcoin (BTC) is currently trading at $7,300 per unit, and trending strongly bearish vis-a-vis the 50-day moving average and the 200-day moving average
11 December 2019 13:25, UTC
TOP 20 Cryptocurrencies: What Has Changed in Two Years
While several cryptocurrencies have been hyping, others irrevocably leave the Olympus. Read about the changes in top cryptocurrencies in the new post by Bitnewstoday
11 December 2019 07:09, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
2019: What good things happened for the digital economy?
The results will be reviewed later next year, when the performance indicators of various organizations will be packed in reports. Let’s look at the general trends. How will the past year be remembered?
10 December 2019 06:17, UTC Aleksandre B
Concerning Blockchain: From Euphoria to Breaking Illusions
Bitnewstoday decided to study the evolution of opinions about the blockchain. How did the technology which importance had been compared with the advent of the Internet, became... nothing special
09 December 2019 07:08, UTC Margareth Nail
Famous Analyst Unveils Idea for New Cryptocurrency Ranking System
Analyst Aat de Kwaasteniet believes that evaluating cryptocurrencies by capitalization is “fictitious” — he offers an alternative method for evaluating and ranking projects
02 December 2019 11:13, UTC
Turning 2019 Crypto Losses into Tax Savings — A Complete Guide
One area of crypto tax that is often overlooked is that you can write off your losses and thus save money. This article will discuss this option that traders are taking advantage of
13 November 2019 14:11, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Ethereum Problems: It Can Probably Get Even Worse
Ethereum, cryptocurrency analysis, cryptocurrency capitalization, forecast Announcement: Since the beginning of the year, Ethereum has lost 45% of the value compared to Bitcoin. What is the reason for the drop in the price of ETH — in a Bitnewstoday review
05 November 2019 14:28, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
Bitcoin: the Case For and Against
While we’re no longer seeing the storm of hype and enthusiasm around bitcoin and other cryptos that we were 18 months ago, that’s arguably a sign that it’s more accepted than ever
25 October 2019 08:51, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Ethereum Prices Above $170 Still Look Weak
Yesterday, prices couldn’t breach above the moving average and the trend line above the $178 level. Market sentiment is bearish with investors expecting the ETH/USD to keep falling
23 October 2019 11:30, UTC Carolane de Palmas