Don't keep all your eggs... on one crypto exchange
19 September 2017 21:00, UTC Paul GRAPES
Many people tend to treat cryptocurrency as a source of easy money. It is indeed when the market is growing. But there is another risk that is often forgotten. As in the real life money – even digital – can be stolen or lost. Bitnewstoday.com figures out how to minimize the risks
Mister Novo As a Mirror of Socio-Economic Darwinism
28 August 2018 13:40, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Crypto is an industry where some statements and actions of individual people can set trends and move the markets. However, what are the motives behind them?
How infinite are cryptocurrencies?
22 August 2017 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Some cryptocurrencies have a limited emission, while others have infinite supply. What gives cryptocurrency the fixed limit of their issuance, as well as who and how sets these limits, read in the article by Bitnewstoday.com
The rise of activity of Bitcoin bulls: opinions’ review
03 May 2018 21:00, UTC Nick CORY
In this material, Bitnewstoday is going to review the latest statements about Bitcoin’s prospects recently made by notable figures and market observers. See more about the rising sentiment
Bitcoin is no longer the foremost cryptocurrency
20 May 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday presents the weekly digest of the crypto market. Why did Bitcoin fall short of hopes again and what ambiguous statements were heard in the crypto world this week — read in this article
Weekly review: Russian laws, Crypto-Sweep, market falls and two 51% attacks
24 May 2018 21:00, UTC Nick CORY
See what happened this week to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Verge, the Russian legislation towards cryptocurrencies, the sentiment of the US regulators towards the market and what has influenced what
Bitcoin keeps on falling taking down altcoins
27 May 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
The past week turned out to be unsuccessful for cryptocurrencies market again. How badly Bitcoin fell and what currencies followed it – find it out in the weekly review of Bitnewstoday
Bitcoin — a resource or a scam? The investing experience of an Italian journalist from RAI
07 June 2018 21:00, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Is it worth considering investing in Bitcoin as a reliable source of income, or is it a risky game for gambling people? Italian State TV shares the results of a journalistic investigation
Miners, hackers and investors: weekly review
08 June 2018 21:00, UTC Nick CORY
The weekly digest of major news happened in the sphere of digital currency and related fields. See about the new mining device, Quebec uncertainties, exchanges’ expansion and on a dangerous hacker operation
Drops, drops, drops: weekly review
14 June 2018 21:00, UTC Nick CORY
This material describes a tough 7 days for the market of digital currency: what lead Bitcoin to 6K, how altcoins are doing and, of course, possible reasons of the loss of millions of market cap
Fiasco again: the weekly review of the cryptocurrency market
24 June 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday publishes a traditional weekly overview of cryptocurrency market for our readers. Read and learn how the cost of Bitcoin and altcoins has changed
How to accept payments in bitcoin: methods, difficulties, and consequences
15 February 2018 21:00, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
Legislation, the future of cryptocurrencies trade and the bitcoin tax — read on Bitnewstoday
Bitcoin, a gold mine of cryptocurrencies in the industrial desert of Bulgaria
26 February 2018 21:00, UTC Virginia Della Sala
The article tells about crypro farm on the territory of the poor Eastern bloc country, adapted from the Italian outlet Ilfattoquotidiano
Why is bitcoin falling now and when it will recover?
11 March 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday.com together with a group of experts tries to find the answers to one of the most controversial issue of today: why bitcoin is falling in price, and what level may be considered its bottom
The ban on cryptocurrency: the domino effect
22 March 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday is considering the options for attracting cryptocurrency customers which remained after the advertising ban on Google, Facebook, Instagram
How to send Bitcoins
25 March 2018 21:00, UTC Bogdan Vinogradov
In this note for beginners Bitnewstoday will tell you how to conduct operations with Bitcoin safely and not to face fraudery
99% of all Bitcoins are stored in 1% of wallets
29 March 2018 21:00, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
There is a widespread belief, that more than 99% of all bitcoins are stored in 1% of wallets. But is this true?
Who manipulates bitcoin price?
13 December 2017 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Bitnewstoday.com talked with the experts to find out who or what is behind the rapid growth of the largest cryptocurrency and when can we expect significant price correction?
Is it worth buying bitcoin now?
08 February 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
To make money on securities or currencies trading, one need to stick to a simple rule - buy low, sell high. Following this rule, is it worth to buy bitcoins now or it is better to wait for further correction?
Will bitcoin price go up?
12 February 2018 21:00, UTC Margareth Nail
Will bitcoin go up in 2018 and when will it happen - these are the two major issues of concern of the crypto community. Bitnewstoday asked experts, when the bitcoin correction will end, whether we should expect the trend turnaround in the nearest future, and also, when will bitcoin go up in 2018?

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