Illusions Perdues: In Economics, The Majority Is Always Wrong
05 November 2018 15:25, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Why more and more crypto companies are planning an IPO, while Coinbase on the contrary refutes rumors about public offering, and what will make the company change its mind in the future
Bankers Talk - Money Walk. TOON #12
06 November 2018 16:07, UTC
This Bittnewstoday TOON is dedicated to the centralization of the digital market and what consequences it leads to
Zaif Case or Why Japanese Exchanges Lost $518 Million For Six Months
01 October 2018 13:53, UTC Anna Zhygalina
The number of cyberattacks on Japanese exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets increased to 3 times over the year. Even licensed exchanges can not resist: Zaif was robbed by $60 million, the attack was discovered after 4 days.
Coinbase Changing The Listing Rules. It Strives To Be The Next Nasdaq
02 October 2018 09:05, UTC Daria Piotrovskaya
In order to survive in the blockchain market, one must be eternally young and be able to make decisions in an ever-changing environment. It seems that conservative Coinbase has understood this.
Big Money Watching You, Bitmain! TOON #4
08 October 2018 17:13, UTC
This Bitnewstoday toon is devoted to Bitmain, that is trying to sell a pig in a poke.
Exchange Transparency SWOT-Analysis: Consider It Before You Deposit
09 October 2018 09:58, UTC Vance Carver, Denis Goncharenko
Cryptocurrency exchanges have faced hacks, scams, corporate shutdowns, due to one huge underlying problem in the industry: transparency. Let’s look at the issue from different angles, though.
$15.2 Bln Philanthropy Or Real Binance Business Interests in Uganda
17 October 2018 14:20, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Binance established the first fiat-to-crypto exchange in Uganda. Why exactly there, how the project launch will affect the economic situation in the country, and why it is beneficial to China.
Bithumb DEX: Just A Marketing Ploy For The Regulators
17 October 2018 17:02, UTC Theodore Serdotetskiy
The largest South Korean digital exchange Bithumb has created a decentralized platform. Will the new format help to avoid hacking and will the exchange actually be decentralized?
The largest Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo entered the capital of the startup Oval Money
28 June 2018 21:00, UTC
One of the largest banks in Italy invests in fintech start-up developing an application that allows not only to save but also to invest money. Learn more information in the article of Bitnewstoday
Swiss SIX will become the first fully integrated digital assets trading platform
10 July 2018 09:37, UTC
Switzerland has taken another step towards creating favorable conditions for cryptos in the country. SIX is going to launch full end-to-end crypto trading
“Turn off the news buzz, and nothing will change” – the experts are critical on bitcoin price predictions
12 July 2018 08:35, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Do the resounding statements of analysts, economists and other various specialists influence the crypto market, or is it just a buzz? Let’s find that out
The fallacy of trading volume
20 July 2018 05:21, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Can you trust financial reports from a cryptoexchange?
Why Big Money do not want go crypto?
24 July 2018 11:48, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Why big money did not come to the crypto universe?
Stock market will swallow cryptocurrency
02 August 2018 11:52, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
Thomson Reuters Eikon noted the crypto market. Does that mean the cryptocurrency is not underground anymore?
Future of Digital Economy: The End of The x1000 Profits
12 September 2018 11:22, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Wild rides of the bitcoin quite often making people panic. And the reason is obvious - just one person can crash the cryptomarket.
Rumors: Fidelity Investments to set up new crypto exchange
06 June 2018 21:00, UTC
See the basic information regarding Fidelity Investments, recent speculations and consequences which the opening of a cryptocurrency exchange by this organization may bring for the market
Insiders: Fidelity Investments secret crypto fund closed
08 June 2018 21:00, UTC
This report tells about the hidden fund which has been an internal experiment in Fidelity Investments. See what other rumors surround this fiat assets management giant and who headed this fund
Memorandum of understanding between Binance and Digital Jersey
12 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Binance, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour trading volume, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Digital Jersey. Under the memorandum, Binance will develop a crypto exchange in Jersey
Reports: politician Steve Bannon interested in crypto
14 June 2018 21:00, UTC
Learn about Stephen Bannon, who this politician was until recently, how US President Trump characterized his resignation and why the press says that Bannon is interested in the cryptocurrency market right now
Jack Dorsey’s Square grows amidst BitLicense obtaining
18 June 2018 21:00, UTC
This material tells about the probable economic factor which has accelerated the growth of Square Inc. Read to find out what BitLicense is and what Jack Dorsey, Twitter and Square CEO, thinks about Bitcoin

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