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Blue Frontiers wants to build cities at sea, holds ICO for Varyon cryptocurrency

The company called Blue Frontiers promises to launch an initial coin offering soon. The ICO will be dedicated to the new cryptocurrency called Varyon. The blockchain platform of this cryptocurrency is not specified at the press time.

However, Bitnewstoday has received information regarding the cooperation of the token coders from Cindicator and Blue Frontiers, which give more chances for this ICO to become successful. Cindicator co-founder and CTO Yuri Lobyntsev is now in the board of advisors of Blue Frontiers.

The latter business enterprise claims it wants to build seasteads - mobile houses in international waters. Unfortunately, the ICO is not directly connected with this mission. But, as experts from our Market section note, cryptocurrency and fintech-related ICOs have more chances to be successful than those based around an idea from other fields.

Sea cities (either in the form of leviathan vessels or platforms similar to oil rigs) have been talked about since at least 1980s, but most projects never leave the pages of popular science journals. Objectively, there is currently no solid reason to believe in the success of Blue Frontiers endeavor, but same was once said about inventions which form our current way of life.

Image: intellect.com.bd

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