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Mike Novogratz delays Galaxy Digital launch

Investor Michael Novogratz (often called ‘Mike’ in the media) will delay the launch of Galaxy Digital Capital Management on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). The regulators of Canada have demanded to disclose audit information of this year.

The statement cited by the financial media tells that this was the main reason why Galaxy Digital Holdings is now to be launched at the end of July. The full plan of Michael Novogratz can be read in an older material on Bitnewstoday. In short, the investment magnate wants to unite several Canadian firms and open a large crypto bank as a result of this chain of mergers and acquisitions.

The aforedescribed delay is not seriously threatening the initiative of this investor who can be characterized as a Bitcoin optimist. In other recent news, Mike Novogratz has recently told that smart investors should possess some cryptocurrencies (he is sure that crypto would become traded on the NYSE in the next six months), called the same phenomenon ‘people’s revolution’ during the blockchain forum speech and expressed complete disagreement with Bitcoin Cash supporters.

Image: Adam Jeffery / CNBC

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