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LMAX to launch institutional crypto exchange

The United Kingdom-based company called LMAX has launched a new cryptocurrency exchange, as directly confirmed by the management in the press release published yesterday. The leaders of the company note that the services of this exchange would considerably differ from the rivals because the platform has been designed with institutional investors in mind - and that means legal entities.

Noteworthy to highlight that while LMAX was founded only 8 years ago, this forex trading platform has acquired the license from the FCA for corresponding operations.

Coinbase (USA) has very similar plans to launch services made specifically for institutional investors, the competition between LMAX and this company may increase once the United Kingdom brokerage decides to expand to the U.S. market. Both LMAX CEO David Mercer and Coinbase Vice President Adam White are sure this line of business is very perspective.

Currently, one cannot talk about the consequences of these endeavors with certainty, but if proven viable, they might stabilize the market which is currently too volatile for many serious fiat market players to join.

Image: leaprate.com

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