Why 2019 Is To Become a Year Of Institutional Investors On the Crypto Market
Institutional money will not enter an unregulated market, therefore, regulations and many other events are surely benefiting the market for the long run.
03 January 2019 08:27, UTC Richard Shibi
The annual cryptocurrency market review : what's left after the hype
Bitnewstoday presents an annual review of the cryptocurrency market: who had a good year and who failed completely
02 January 2019 19:00, UTC Margareth Nail
What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019
Investments in Bitcoin in 2018 didn’t make profit. The situation on the digital assets market is not so positive, but lots of investors see the bright sides and new opportunities
29 December 2018 09:38, UTC Denis Goncharenko
What will happen to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices in 2019?
Most of the investors are interested for the prices to bounce in 2019. The majority of the experts are positive and believe the prices will go up
27 December 2018 14:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Hard Times: How Much Money Has Been Lost in Bitcoin in 2018
2018 is almost over — at least, it wasn't dull. What has changed, what was in people’s minds, how much money has been lost in bitcoin by enthusiasts, did someone get rich in the end?
25 December 2018 14:30, UTC Aleksandre B
All I Want for Christmas: A Gift of $7B to Bitcoin Increase
This week started with a sudden growth of the Bitcoin rate and the entire crypto market. Who is the Santa Claus and whether this reversal of the negative trend is definitive
19 December 2018 18:17, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Binance Leadership Is Under Question
Being the largest exchange in terms of the trade volume, Binance has recently faced tough competition. What are the reasons and what are the tools to determine an actual leader
17 December 2018 11:51, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
“Evil spawn of the financial crisis” And Financial Yellowstone: The Future Standoff Prediction
Economists are speaking about the possibility of a new global economic crisis. Will it be more horrifying than the financial storm of 2008 and can the cryptocurrency become a safe haven?
13 December 2018 08:54, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Sunken Ships Of The Crypto World: Why Luxury Coins Have Ceased To Be A Business
Bitcoin crash showed who is who in the crypto market. This also affected the coins, whose value is many times higher. Why are expensive assets at the bottom and do not have the right to vote
12 December 2018 15:39, UTC Daria Piotrovskaya
Forget About Tether: Why New Stablecoins Broke $2.3B in November
The crypto market has been highly volatile recently and investors try to find peace in stablecoins. The competition among them is on. Tether may soon lose its crown and here is why
11 December 2018 19:14, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Paris Is On Fire: The Digital Economy As A Symbol Of Freedom From Old Conventions
Paris is on fire and this is just the beginning. Europe bored by taxes has got tired of suffering from the tyranny of the global economic institutions and is searching for an exit in the digital reality
10 December 2018 10:12, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Come Again And Play the Bitcoin Game! TOON #20
Crypto exchanges are crucial part of today’s market. But this does not excuse them from sins. Today’s toon is all about that fundamental part of today’s ecosystem and their wicked and amusing shenanigans on the market
07 December 2018 19:31, UTC
Five Elements To Make An ICO Attractive For Venture Capitals
ICO fundraising has changed. Entrepreneurs realize that retail investors are not the mainstream of funds. They need to approach Venture Capitals, Angel Investors, Family Offices
29 November 2018 17:12, UTC Richard Shibi, Denis Goncharenko
Japan: Will The Largest Shipping Company Shanghai Up Their Seamen For Stablecoins
Now, the very situation that many analysts have spoken about is happening on the digital market: against the background of the fall in the bitcoin exchange rate the popularity of different stablecoins is to increase. In confirmation of this theory, an interesting case in the world of crypto news has appeared.
28 November 2018 17:01, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Who Crashed The Crypto Market And How To Save Assets
Fear and panic has gripped the crypto market: bitcoin dipped. What is the reason for this and do we have to start panic?
22 November 2018 19:33, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Switzerland Approves ETP: Why Nobody Cares
The first crypto ETP received an approval but Bitcoin did not even notice it. What is the difference between ETP and ETF and why there is no reaction on the market?
22 November 2018 08:54, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Bitcoin Rally: One Man’s Hell Is Another Man’s Heaven
Why the BCH hardfork led to the Bitcoin fall and whether the crypto investors should be concerned
20 November 2018 16:12, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
NVT Ratio: How Much Is Your Bitcoin Really Worth
How to determine the real value of the cryptocurrency and understand whether it is overrated or not? How to buy it at the lows and sell it at the highs? Analysts have an answer
16 November 2018 08:46, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Pink Economy Orientation: Why LGBT Crypto Dream Doomed To Failure
Sexual minorities want to dictate terms, and developed countries want to look democratic. Why is the LGBT community proud of its cohesion, but can not create a single pink cryptocurrency?
15 November 2018 08:58, UTC Daria Piotrovskaya
I'll Become A Billionaire! Absof$ckinglutely… TOON #14
In total, investors lost up to 66% of the funds invested in 2017. And now comes the awareness that the burned billions can be used in a differently.
14 November 2018 08:58, UTC