Guest posts

Guest posts
5 Tips for IT Startups to Survive the COVID-19 Crisis
29 April 2020 12:29, UTC Helene Cue
While the financial effects of the crisis will be fully understood after the end of the pandemic, IT companies are still in a position to ensure their survival
Guest posts
How to Monetize Mobile Apps in 2020
27 April 2020 09:09, UTC Jigar Shah
You must be wondering how free apps make money? Well, this article is a must-read for those who are planning to develop an app and want to generate revenue with the free app
Guest posts
7 Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for New Technology Companies
23 April 2020 16:00, UTC Irfan Ak
If you are planning to start a new tech business and don’t want to suffer the same fate as most startups do, you should learn how to do digital marketing the right way
Guest posts
Ethereum Card for Blockchain Gamers
21 April 2020 13:46, UTC Vimal Shah
The collision of both gaming and blockchain holds a grand promise for the growth of both industries. Games work as a catalyst to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchains
Guest posts
Could Crypto Trading Be So Popular Because It Comes with no Minimum Requirements?
13 April 2020 15:05, UTC Nick James
With the growth and diversification of the market, a need arose for something more affordable. Or, at least something with an affordable entry-point — such as crypto
Guest posts
Why Your Business Needs an eCommerce Mobile App
05 April 2020 14:22, UTC Jigar Shah
To the business owners who have not diverted their business in mobile apps, this article is a must-read for you - why your business needs an eCommerce mobile app
Guest posts
Financial Lessons Learned From Different Decades
31 March 2020 09:38, UTC Marcus Wiseman
Different decades seem to have different financial challenges for everyone to get through. Here's a few things you can do in anticipation of future hard times
Guest posts
Guide: How To Make Your Ads Stand Out On Social Media
30 March 2020 21:00, UTC
Social media advertising is an excellent way to reach your audience within no time. With 74% of global marketers investing in SMM, it is one of the most effective ways to get your message across
Guest posts
The Evolution of Blockchain
29 March 2020 21:00, UTC
Blockchain app development has been continuously on the rise since Bitcoin’s long-lasting bull run took everyone by surprise a couple of years back
Guest posts
The Future of Transaction: Going Contactless
17 March 2020 13:34, UTC Andre Oentoro
Contactless payment is defined as a secure method for consumers to make transactions by using a debit, credit, or smartcard — also known as a chip card that uses RFID or NFC
Guest posts
Top 5 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas For Startups In 2020
13 March 2020 13:24, UTC Nimesh Gohil
On-demand apps play an important role in the user's life. Here are the unique on-demand mobile app ideas for your startup that will generate great revenue.
Guest posts
Why Online Casinos Have Embraced Cryptocurrency
13 March 2020 11:39, UTC
With reports showing that more than $1 trillion of cryptocurrency transactions were carried out in 2019, it is no surprise some major industries are getting in on the act
Guest posts
Why Betting on Gold-backed Stablecoin Is a Losing Game
21 February 2020 11:58, UTC Gregory Klumov, CEO of STASIS
Gold has been regarded as an eternal value since times immemorial, but the last century has brought more changes within the existing monetary system than all previous millenniums
Guest posts
The Face Of Entrepreneurship In 2020: Interview With Josip Heit
29 January 2020 14:45, UTC
Today, we have the serial entrepreneur and businessman Josip Heit with us. Heit will be sharing his thoughts on the future prospects of entrepreneurship with us, especially further down this new year
Guest posts
8 Essential Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2020
29 January 2020 13:25, UTC Amanda Jerelyn
Although there are multiple cryptocurrencies to invest in the upcoming years, here you will find the most significant out of them in the article by Amanda Jerelyn
Guest posts
Your Insider Track to Global Business Success
23 January 2020 08:28, UTC Veselina Dzhingarova
Technology and digital connectivity have made it easier for any business to get involved in the global market. Here are some tips to make it successful
Guest posts
Why Every Site Should Offer Crypto as Form of Payment
21 January 2020 07:26, UTC Marina Turea
Not sure why the introduction of crypto payment is good for business? Get elaborate reasons why sites should widen their payment options and introduce crypto payments
Guest posts
Slot game review of Bonanza
20 January 2020 10:04, UTC
If you did not know already, there is a whole world of online slot games out there and an ever expanding one at that
Guest posts
Blackjack guide – For beginners
19 January 2020 10:18, UTC
It is always nice to speak a little about the history of casino gambling games, because, more often than not, it is actually quite an interesting thing to learn about
Guest posts
Game Review of Enchanted Prince Slot
02 January 2020 14:41, UTC
Many that play Enchanted Prince Slot often get surprised at the relative lack of fairy-tale games on the market, something that therefore makes it an even more exciting proposition

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