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Slot Game Review of Dragon’s Luck Power Reels

China is a land of wonder and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. Just look at things like The Great Wall of China, a super structure so vast that it can actually be seen from outer space! Nowadays it is a country that has undergone massive technological evolution, so much so that the classic parts of Chinese culture can often seem to be swept under the carpet. For this reason it is more important than ever before that the culture of this wonderfully vibrant region, and Red Tiger Gaming are doing just that with Dragon’s Luck Power Reels. Read on for a comprehensive report on this fantastic slot game at https://toppspilleautomater.com/.

About Dragon’s Luck Power Reels and its Bonus Features

As soon as you start playing Dragon’s Luck Power Reels you will notice that it is the quintessential oriental slot, with a variety of aesthetic touches that will transport you to the vivid lands of the Far East. The background to this slot takes the shape of a variety of snowy mountain peaks, with a pagoda in the foreground adorned with some classic looking serpent statues. It immediately sets the scene and welcomes us slot gamblers into a particularly pleasant game. The reels of Dragon’s Luck Power Reels are set within this pagoda, and there are a variety of classic Chinese style symbols such as a lotus flower and doll that you can expect to encounter. The best one to look out for is the 138, something that will pay out a whooping 3,888 times your stake if you are lucky! Nice.

Some more experienced online slot aficionados will notice that Red Tiger Gaming already have a slot called Dragon’s Luck that was met with critical acclaim on its release, and they will be incredibly happy to learn that Dragon’s Luck Power Reels is, in effect, a version with double the amount of reels to win on! It makes for a delightfully high-octane online slot experience; with basically twice the action of a normal game you would play online. In order to create a win here, however, you will have to land 3 or more symbols on adjacent pay lines, so it might take a little bit of getting used too, but when you do there is no looking back.

About Red Tiger Gaming and Other Slots by Them

Red Tiger Gaming are a relatively new addition to the online slot industry, however they have really hit the ground running when it comes to crafting meticulous online slots, and have therefore gained a large amount of popularity in a comparatively short space of time. You are sure to see their distinctive logo a lot more in the future, something that should make even the hardest to please gamblers very happy indeed. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at their burgeoning back-catalogue. Here are a few examples:

  • Chinese Treasures
  • Elephant Treasure
  • God Of Wealth
  • Gems Gone Wild

Dragon’s Luck Power Reels: The Verdict

If you loved Dragon’s Luck you will probably love Dragon’s Luck Power Reels at least twice as much. Simple as that.

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