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48+ Eye-Opening Web Browser Statistics

Jessica Henson

Many people think a web browser is just a web browser; you can use it to browse the internet and nothing more. However, a web browser is much more than that – it can offer an entirely new way of browsing the web with additional features to suit a wealth of demographics.

According to UK Web Host Review, in 2018 there were a whopping 112 browsers! Whilst there’s no doubt that Google Chrome rules the roost when it comes to web browsers, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are king of the browsers on every device or in every location.

Although Chrome is available on most devices, iOS users tend to lean more towards using Safari, claiming a magnificent 93.23% of the market share. 31.92% of Oceania use Safari as their browser of choice, whereas many other worldwide locations crown Chrome as their most popular browser.

So why are browser statistics important? Well, if you’re planning on starting or developing a new app, or working on a new website or business idea, it’s essential to consider how the majority of your users will interact with your project. Without this knowledge, you may waste a lot of time and money by investing in the wrong thing.

Keeping up to date with the latest browser statistics and browser trends doesn’t have to be hard work; take a look at this eye-opening browser infographic published by UK Web Host Review.

48+ Eye-Opening Web Browser Statistics (2020) - An Infographic from UKWebHostReview

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