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The state of Delaware will legally enforce stock trade on a blockchain
02 July 2017 21:00, UTC
Amendments to Delaware state law can open up the possibility of large-scale stock issue on a blockchain.
Japanese bitcoin exchanges launch loss insurance against failed transactions
02 July 2017 21:00, UTC
Two Japanese bitcoin exchanges try to fuel confidence to cryptocurrency transactions by offering insurance of bitcoin transactions.
Japan is to test a blockchain-based solution for government procurement operations
01 July 2017 09:59, UTC
Japanese administration is on its way to implement blockchain technology in online systems for procurement operations
Michael Novogratz predicts cryptocurrencies reach 5 trillion USD worth in 5 years
30 June 2017 10:14, UTC
Michael Novogratz, a well-renowned billionaire and a former manager of Fortress Investment Group LLC, predicts the future development of cryptocurrency market
The IMF made appropriate recommendations for banks on investing in cryptocurrencies
29 June 2017 10:18, UTC
Today banks have to consider cryptocurrencies and investing in cryptocurrencies more seriously than they had it before, suggests International Monetary Fund (IMF).
The People’s Bank of China will include blockchain in the country's five-year development plan
28 June 2017 10:22, UTC
Today China is a country that has got very critical role in cryptocurrency as it dominates in Bitcoin mining and trading
Barclays UK observes bitcoin, considers legalization
27 June 2017 10:24, UTC
Barclays UK starts paying close attention to bitcoin, and the bank’s top management is interested in making the cryptocurrency mainstream
Image Of The Day, 8 Of August: CNBC, Business Insider, Bloomberg And Others
08 August 0201 20:40, UTC
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