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Net neutrality principle keeps the integrity of the cryptocurrency market

The net neutrality principle is now under threat from the latest legislative initiative by the American FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Seems familiar? Of course, it does, because it’s now harder to find a blogger who did not talk on this theme.

However, most observers miss the surprising side of the scenario where the Internet loses this principle: the Web providers will get an opportunity to treat cryptocurrency exchanges unequally to other websites, or, if the corporate management is interested in doing so, make one exchange load faster than another one. This can become possible due to the fact that the net neutrality principle demands to treat all websites equally, and once it’s removed, providers are not going to do so.

Motherboard provides the opinion of Emin Gün Sirer, professor of computer science in the Cornell University. According to him, while big exchanges could adapt to new provider policies and get the exchange P2P services to work as usual after paying the provider, lesser digital currency exchange will not be able to do so and might perish.

The ability to run a cryptocurrency network node might also suffer, tells Sirer, and other experts on the theme agree with this, including Nick Grossman, who is a top manager in a venture enterprise that has shares in blockchain projects and companies. He explains that anything that threatens the net neutrality also threatens cryptocurrency markets due to the very nature of fintech.

However, the American community has repeatedly demonstrated how it can self-organize and block the laws it considers bad or, contrariwise, fight for implementing laws it considers good. There is a reason to believe that FCC initiative everybody talks about will not be implemented in the end.

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