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The Fed does not plan to issue its own digital currency just yet

According to the Periscope translation from the account of the San Francisco Federal Reserve, the president of this organization told: “Right now, the Federal Reserve is not developing its own digital currency, but there is a lot of research going on around the world thinking about this question.”

“I think at this point it’s really very premature to be talking about the Federal Reserve offering digital currencies, but it is something we are starting to think about” - said his colleague from the New York Federal Reserve quite recently in the interview to Bloomberg.

These two statements indicate that while the United States Federal Reserve does not exclude the possibility to issue cryptocurrency, this might happen only in the far future. The recent statement delivered by Jerome Powell, the nominee for the post of the Chairman of the Federal Reserve picked by the President, leaves an impression that the Fed management is not concerned with cryptocurrencies at this stage. Most economists, even extreme Bitcoin optimists, agree that Bitcoin and altcoins are still in their infancy.

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