Singapore Cryptocurrency Regulations Fuelling Online Gambling In Malaysia
For Singaporeans, cryptocurrency has long been a gateway to something which cannot be accessed if not approached anonymously
02 October 2020 07:27, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Banking Regulators in the USA Authorize the Holding of Stablecoins in Reserves
Presently, federal banks are expected by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) to feel comfortable offering services to the users of stablecoin providers
28 September 2020 11:52, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The Government of Abkhazia Blames Crypto Mining for the Energy Crisis
The government placed a ban on crypto mining a year ago, which has been ignored by a majority of local authorities
21 September 2020 08:55, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Over 1000 Crypto Farms Brought Down by the Iranian Government
With the US atomic sanctions program hitting Iran economically, Iranians frequently talk about the topic of how wealth can safely be stored
07 September 2020 15:30, UTC Denis Goncharenko
New Developments in China's National Blockchain
China is edging closer to their goal of being the world's leader in blockchain technologies. The country announced their nationwide Blockchain-based Services Network (BSN) in November 2019 and has made significant strides since then
19 August 2020 11:34, UTC Devin Partida
China’s Digital Yuan (DCEP) to Reportedly Target Dominance of Alibaba and Tencent
Currently, Alibaba’s financial subsidiary Alipay and Tencent’s WeChat Pay control the majority of the digital payments across the whole country while banks have been left far behind
07 August 2020 10:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Lithuania Releases Crypto Token
On July 23rd, the Bank of Lithuania released a blockchain-based coin commemorating its 1918 Act of Independence with all 20 signatories included
29 July 2020 09:53, UTC Nick James
Ghana’s Central Bank Thinking of Piloting Digital Currency
The first deputy governor of Ghana’s Central Bank (BoG) declared that they are still looking forward to potentially introducing their own digital currency
27 July 2020 14:12, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The FATF Announces the Need for New Guidelines for the Crypto Industry
The new president considers it necessary to amend the guidelines for the cryptocurrency industry, as many countries still have not fully implemented previously accepted standard
08 July 2020 13:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Africa To Become The FinTech Land In The Upcoming Years

According to the Econ study, South Africa is at the 16th place among the countries with the largest number of FinTech companies. Nigeria has got the same number as South Korea

02 July 2020 10:13, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Canada Updates Digital Asset Classification. What About Bitcoin ATMs?
Canadian authorities will now classify digital asset companies as financial services companies. Since June 1, amendments to the anti-laundering law will be enacted in the country
08 June 2020 09:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Antigua’s Parliament Accepted New Crypto Regulation Bill
The Caribbean region has faced numerous challenges regarding cryptocurrencies and trading in general. However, the new bill is a significant step forward to ensure the crypto-friendly environment in Antigua
04 June 2020 11:05, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Dutch AML Policy Registration for Crypto Firms Meets Deadline. What’s Next?
The Netherlands, much like many other EU countries were forced to adopt the new AMLD5 guidelines set by the European Union
19 May 2020 15:21, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Mexico Warns Citizens About Cryptos Amid Pandemic
The director of the Center for Business Research and Development (CIDE) in Mexico wants the citizens of the city of Aguascalientes to be cautious of investing money into cryptocurrency
08 May 2020 14:59, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Singapore Makes More Steps to Become a Crypto Haven and Blockchain Hub
Singapore, a financial center of the world is recently known as one of the ‘Crypto Havens’ because of its balanced regulatory and legal regimes as defined by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MSA)
07 May 2020 12:22, UTC Jeff Parker
Crypto Regulation May Push Bitcoin Investors to Other Industries
Crypto regulations worldwide are extremely diverse and it's hard to tell exactly how the whole market will react when many of the laws finally come into place
10 April 2020 14:40, UTC Konstantin Rabin
The Role of Cryptocurrencies in the UK Can Explode at the End of 2020
The British economy is in the middle of a turmoil, right at the edge of the economic downfall. Challenges that arose for the nation are hard to overcome and to succeed, the government will have to take effective and innovative measures
09 April 2020 13:15, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Australian Tax Office Warns Investors to Report on Their Crypto Trading
Last week, ATO sent letters to thousands of Australian citizens requesting them to report any and all cryptocurrency trading activity they have conducted starting from 2017
16 March 2020 11:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Indian Turmoil: RBI Wants to Bring Back Crypto Ban in the Country
The ban has been in place for over two years now and was beaten through the collection of petitions by the Internet and Mobile Association of India
06 March 2020 12:56, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi Configure Crypto Regulations to Align with FATF
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has recently seen two new jurisdictions join its ranks in terms of the configuration of their crypto regulations
28 February 2020 12:50, UTC Denis Goncharenko