Hong Kong's Crypto Retail Trader Ban Questionable
17 February 2021 15:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The government of Hong Kong has planned to pass new measurements in this industry, in particular, they plan to restrict cryptocurrency investments for retail traders
Frozen: Biden Ceases the FinCEN’s Crypto Wallet Limits and Regulations
28 January 2021 11:40, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The decision has been made to freeze the Federal regulatory process, including the controversial self-hosted crypto wallet regulations proposed by the former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
UK Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulations in 2021
18 January 2021 07:58, UTC Edward Grey
Regulators around the globe are reconsidering the blockchain & cryptocurrency regulations as this technology faces growth in multiple industries
New US Treasury Proposal: The End of Crypto Privacy?
25 December 2020 09:33, UTC Veronika Malinboym
The US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) finally put an end to the rumors surrounding the new regulations on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Is the US Treasury Trying to Backstab Crypto?
21 December 2020 11:52, UTC Hans Koning
The rumor is that the U.S. Treasury and Secretary Mnuchin were planning to rush out regulation regarding self-hosted crypto wallets. What will the aftermath be?
Sberbank Prepares for Crypto Regulation in Russia Starting in January 2021
09 December 2020 11:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
As the Russian government prepares to launch its crypto regulation legislation starting January 2021, the largest bank in the country is ready to unveil its crypto project and according to several local experts, absolutely dominate the Russian crypto market
US Congress to Face “Stable Act” Bill Concerning Stablecoins’ Fate
08 December 2020 11:32, UTC Nick James
On December 2nd, the United States Congress received a new bill dubbed “The Stable Act”, which aims to make any usage of stablecoins in the United States without permission from federal regulatory bodies illegal
India Plans To Tax Bitcoin Investment Income
07 December 2020 13:27, UTC Anna Martynova
Investors from India will soon have to pay taxes on their bitcoin investment income
Russian AlfaBank to Provide Services for Freelancers
04 December 2020 12:05, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Because of the increased use of blockchain technology, even private banks started to realize that they can actually benefit by offering freelancers blockchain platforms designed specifically according to their needs
Australian BitConnect Promoter is Charged over a Failed Business
01 December 2020 11:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The former Australian national representative of BitConnect, John Louis Anthony Bigatton is charged for taking part in a crypto Ponzi scheme worth several billion dollars
South Korean Parliament Postpones New Law on 20% Tax on Transactions with Crypto
27 November 2020 09:06, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The law on 20% tax on income derived from transactions with cryptocurrencies will come into force on January 1, 2022. It was originally supposed to come into force on October 1, 2021
Crypto Investors Get Warning Notices From the IRS
26 November 2020 12:00, UTC Nick James
The Internet Revenue Service in the United States (IRS) has sent out many letters to crypto investors reiterating the fact that they have pending taxes on their unreported profits from cryptocurrency
U.S. Senator Vows to Bring Bitcoin Debate to National Level
20 November 2020 13:13, UTC Nick James
American politician Cynthia Lummis was recently elected to the U.S. Senate and thus became the first member of the upper house of Congress to publicly declare her assets in Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency Tax Guide: How To Prepare Your Bitcoin Tax Filing?
17 November 2020 07:35, UTC Julia Beyers
Cryptocurrencies have gained significant clout in the past year. Their value continues to rise and people purchase bitcoin and sell it for profit on a daily basis
China's Central Bank Chief Announces 4 million Transactions in Digital Yuan
06 November 2020 13:23, UTC Nick James
The Governor of the People's Bank of China Yi Gang believes that the tests of the digital yuan held in several cities demonstrated the validity of the instrument issued by the Central Bank
Ex-PBoC Governor Says Digital Yuan Will Favor Local Markets
05 November 2020 15:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
The digital Yuan will mostly favor the local retail market in order to prevent the dollarisation of the Chinese economy. This is a highly political matter that China has been trying to deal with for decades
No Time To Waste: Canada Seriously Considering The Future Of Crypto As The Main Currency
19 October 2020 12:15, UTC Veronika Malinboym
Canada is among those countries that are taking some real steps towards understanding how cryptocurrency should be approached
Could Denmark's Blockchain Proposal Work?
08 October 2020 16:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has released a new report which suggests that focusing on digital instruments has become essential
USA: a Step Closer to Proper Digital Asset Regulations
06 October 2020 12:43, UTC Veronika Malinboym
According to the new letter issued by the US SEC on September 25th, the process of broker-dealer operated digital asset securities will become less lengthy and complex and more secure
Singapore Cryptocurrency Regulations Fuelling Online Gambling In Malaysia
02 October 2020 07:27, UTC Denis Goncharenko
For Singaporeans, cryptocurrency has long been a gateway to something which cannot be accessed if not approached anonymously

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