Monex Group To Pay Dividends To Shareholders and Investors in Bitcoins
Monex claims that they are driven by a growing “aspiration” to enter the cryptocurrency industry. Investors will receive the equivalent of 500 Japanese yen in BTC
26 September 2019 08:30, UTC
FinCEN Will Be Tasked to Take a Closer Look at Blockchain
The US Congress passed a bill on September 19, which would mandate the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to study the blockchain technology on a more focused and specified level
25 September 2019 13:11, UTC
Bitcoin Dropped to 8000, Crypto Market Lost $30 Bln Per Day
September 24-25, 2019 will be remembered as one of the largest dumps when the cryptocurrency market lost more than $30 billion
25 September 2019 11:09, UTC
PBoC is in No Rush to Launch the New Digital Currency
There isn’t even a timetable for the launch, therefore potential investors or the recipients of the currency have not a direct deadline to prepare for the launch
24 September 2019 13:41, UTC
Kik Interactive Lays Off Developers, Shuts Down the Messenger
Currently, Kik is continuing a dispute with the SEC over the 2017 initial coin offering of the KIN token
24 September 2019 09:37, UTC
Armenian Company in Trouble for Illegally Mining Cryptos
According to announcement from the Armenian National Security Service, a local IT company was using the power from a Hydro plant without having informed the authorities
23 September 2019 11:43, UTC
Bitcoin Futures Trading Is Launched on Bakkt Platform
Although the news about the launch of Bakkt began to spread more than a year ago, the platform itself faced numerous delays due to the problems with regulators
23 September 2019 07:53, UTC
Iran Wants To Introduce Crypto Mining Licenses
After quite a controversial two weeks for the Iranian government, it seems that regular political operations regarding crypto industry are resuming in the country
20 September 2019 13:58, UTC
Waves Updates Monetary System, Seeks More Decentralization
Waves blockchain platform shifts to a self-regulating system, which will allow the community to determine the amount of rewards for generating blocks and supplement of coins
20 September 2019 08:42, UTC
New Charges By SEC: ICOBox Is At Gunpoint
SEC claims in a statement that company I and its founder violated securities laws by selling unregistered securities in 2017
19 September 2019 11:43, UTC
Japanese Messenger App LINE Launches Crypto Exchange on Its Platform
LINE declares that it wants to increase the convenience of connecting users to the cryptocurrency trading process, and plans to make the existing messenger application a “smart portal”
19 September 2019 07:54, UTC
Iota Introduces Chronicle — Solution For Permanent Data Storage
Iota Foundation has invited members of its community to participate in the project and plans to further expand its capabilities and functionality
18 September 2019 12:44, UTC
Narvesen Retail Network and Press Kiosks to Start Selling Bitcoin in Lithuania
To convert euros to bitcoins, no identity cards or other documents are required. All that a user needs is an email address and a bitcoin wallet
18 September 2019 07:17, UTC
ECB Board Member Criticizes Stablecoins, Seeing Them as a Risk to Public Policy
Commentary on the regulation of stablecoins was made at a meeting held at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland
17 September 2019 11:58, UTC
Cryptocurrency Mining Malware For Linux Has Been Revealed
According to analysts, the malware is notable because of the way it loads malicious kernel modules to hide its cryptocurrency mining operations
17 September 2019 08:29, UTC
Chinese Regulators Issue Warning For Inner Mongolia Crypto Miners
The warning prescribes the elimination of mining, which is strictly regulated by law. Crypto mining is called a “pseudo-financial innovation” in the document
16 September 2019 12:15, UTC
NBA Player Spencer Dinwiddie Signs Contract On Blockchain
According to sources, the basketball player signs a three-year extension of the contract for $ 34.36 mln with Brooklyn Nets and decided to convert his NBA contract into a digital investment
16 September 2019 08:55, UTC
Ripple CEO Comments on Rumors of XRP Price Manipulation in an Interview
The CEO of the company expressed the opinion that the long-term value of any digital asset will be composed of its utility meaning that XRP is better than BTC
13 September 2019 12:52, UTC
Venezuelan State Bank Opened El Petro Crypto Wallet Registration
Customers noticed the appearance of a new wallet registration module in the user interface of their online accounts. The Bank didn’t provide any official statements yet
13 September 2019 09:02, UTC
Mastercard and R3 To Develop a Platform for Cross-border Payments on Blockchain
Initially, it will be aimed at connecting faster payment schemes and banks with the support of the Mastercard clearing and settlement network
12 September 2019 12:30, UTC