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Deutsche Bank Used EOS Network to Tokenize Bonds

15 October 2019 11:19, UTC

The Deutsche Bank adopted the EOS mainnet to tokenize the bank’s bonds. As reported, the tokenization occurred in collaboration with an authorized UK-based custodian, Queen Street Finance, that holds a stablecoin digital asset DUSD working on the EOS protocol. The new development is equipped with evolving fixed income instruments in the EOS ecosystem.

As reported in a dBonds report on the Medium blog:

“This is an important step towards bringing fixed income instruments into the EOS ecosystem and building a transparent, decentralized bank with stablecoin fully collateralized by high valuable on-chain assets including tokenized bonds.”

The advancement is aimed to introduce fixed income instruments in the EOS ecosystem. Also, the USD-denominated bond will be obtained and deposited in the Queen Street Finance escrow account.

Image courtesy of Truthout