SEC And FATF Are Moving Towards Acceptance of Digital Assets
The US SEC США announced the start of procedure of making a decision about the possibility of virtual assets trading and FATF is correcting the rules of AML. The digital market is moving inexorably towards the institutionalization
24 September 2018 10:35, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Tulips vs Crypto: Why The German Minister of Finances Doesn't See The Difference
German Finance Minister Olaf SCHOLZ doubts the future of crypto and doesn't think that they will stay relevant for global market.
20 September 2018 15:08, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Derivatives: Will Institutional Investors Put The Digital Market in A Debt Hole

Derivatives offer on the virtual asset market is expanding. We will explain how they will attract big investors and why they terrify the members of the digital community.

20 September 2018 08:53, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Raise The Stakes: 2018 Brings More Antes To The ICO Table
Back in 2016-2017, raising funds through ICO was pretty easy and not expensive. 2018 brought more projects to the markets, but the expenses got higher. What’s the reason behind it?
19 September 2018 15:25, UTC Richard Shibi, blockchain and ICO consultant; Denis Goncharenko, Bitnewtoday.com author
Virtual Assets To Repeat the Fate of Dotcoms: Only The Strongest Will Rise
The virtual assets market is often compared to the dotcom bubble. Perhaps, behind this comparison, monetarists try to hide their weakness in the face of the new economy?
17 September 2018 11:22, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Strategic portfolio investment in digital assets
How to invest effectively in crypto assets and what mechanisms should be used to maximize profit. Our experts have tested the tool for crypto investors and traders.
14 September 2018 08:30, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
ICO Investors Become Active Again. Global Analysis, August 2018
Bitnewstoday.com in collaboration with ICO Bazaar are launching a joint project dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of the ICO market. The first material describes the August market overview and trends.
13 September 2018 18:45, UTC
Stableсoin As The Obsession of Digital Community
It seems that sare answering to all the fundamental issues of the digital markets. However, why no one from the industry leaders is onto it?
13 September 2018 15:54, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Dogecoin. To buy or to throw? Fundamental and technical analysis
Within the last 10 days, price of the cryptocurrency grew up to 272%. We are starting to receive questions like: what should we do, should we sale or buy? We decided to solve those questions and came up with an analysis.
12 September 2018 13:13, UTC
Future of Digital Economy: The End of The x1000 Profits
Wild rides of the bitcoin quite often making people panic. And the reason is obvious - just one person can crash the cryptomarket.
12 September 2018 11:22, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Digital Сurrencies Became Unsuitable for Politicians As Well As Terrorists
The fact that cryptocurrencies may serve as an appropriate source of terrorism financing is nothing more than an illusion.  But this illusion is advantageous for the politicians to hide their ignorance and fear of something new
06 September 2018 17:13, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Bitmain Illiquid Assets And Losses Or Why The Company Plans IPO
Investors one by one deny their participation in pre-IPO funding rounds held by the mining giant. It turned out that Bitmain has some problems that the company does not flaunt. What are they and why should investors thoroughly think of the value of the corporation shares?
06 September 2018 14:29, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Virtual Assets: Suitable Tool For Political Leverage?
Virtual assets became the instruments of the major league politics long ago. Now, the small policy is with an eye for it too. What will be the result and weather  investors will suffer losses or stay afloat?
05 September 2018 18:49, UTC Oleg Koldayev
The Biggest Insurer Opens The Cryptomarket For Institutional Investors
Now big capital of institutions is expected to be invested in the cryptocurrency sector. Why should big investors enter the market and what do the crypto platforms do attract them?
04 September 2018 16:48, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Blockchain Is Changing The Game: Why Do Central Banks Need Digital Currency?

Central Banks are seeking to reduce the turnover of paper money by launching digital currencies. How can they help economies with low interest rates to get out of the "liquidity trap"?

31 August 2018 17:34, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Mister Novo As a Mirror of Socio-Economic Darwinism
Crypto is an industry where some statements and actions of individual people can set trends and move the markets. However, what are the motives behind them?
28 August 2018 13:40, UTC Daniil Danchenko
First World Blockhain Bond is to Appear in Australia
CBA said that the yield of two-year bonds will be 2.251%, and the issue of securities called “Bondi” will start on August 28.
24 August 2018 19:51, UTC Ann Sotnikova
$500 Million — The Price of The Islamic Economy Global Expansion
The share of Islamic finance grows by 20% per year. Creation of the crypto exchange corresponding to the Sharia law – is the most logical step on the way to the global expansion
23 August 2018 09:41, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
Free Crypto Trading: a Mousetrap For Users
Commissionless trading is named the new trend in the trading industry, which should make investing affordable for everyone. But is it so good?
22 August 2018 19:45, UTC Daniil Danchenko, Catherine Lange
Falling of Ethereum Halved Hedge-Funds’ Income
Ethereum is facing scalability problems, and it is very unattractive for hedge-funds, aimed at short-term investments
22 August 2018 11:17, UTC Ann Sotnikova