Ernst & Young: Why ICO Investors Burned Down 66% of Money
Recently published report from EY made a lot of noize in the community. One of the companies from the big four paints a gloomy picture for the potential investors that put their money in the ICO back in 2017
26 October 2018 08:58, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Real Fees For Crypto Transactions Or How To Make A $182 Million Transfer For Just¢6
Multi-Million dollar transfers in cryptocurrency can cost several cents. Whether it is true, how the fee is determined and if the digital currency can replace traditional international payments.
23 October 2018 12:34, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Not All That Glitters Is Bitcoin Gold

Hardforks of the main bitcoin network gave us a couple of new and existing cryptos that quickly became the center of attention. However, where are they now?

23 October 2018 08:57, UTC Daniil Danchenko
New Fidelity Investments Service Or How Trillions Will Come To The Crypto Market

One of the largest financial holdings has launched a cryptoservice for institutional investors. How will this event affect the market and what capital inflows should be expected?

22 October 2018 10:54, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
The Question of The ROI: How Much Can An ICO Pay You Back
In this article from out partners from ICObazaar we will take a look at the best and the worst examples of the ROI that an ICO can get you.
18 October 2018 16:36, UTC
Tether: Should You Buy 97 Cents For a Dollar
Tether has become a hot topic in media since its first day. This time it’s the newsbreak due to its main advantage - 1:1 dollar peg. What conclusions can be made out of that?
18 October 2018 08:58, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Bithumb DEX: Just A Marketing Ploy For The Regulators
The largest South Korean digital exchange Bithumb has created a decentralized platform. Will the new format help to avoid hacking and will the exchange actually be decentralized?
17 October 2018 17:02, UTC Theodore Serdotetskiy
$15.2 Bln Philanthropy Or Real Binance Business Interests in Uganda
Binance established the first fiat-to-crypto exchange in Uganda. Why exactly there, how the project launch will affect the economic situation in the country, and why it is beneficial to China.
17 October 2018 14:20, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
The Irony Of The Crypto Industry: Banks Turned Out To Be More Decentralized Than Crypto Exchanges

In this year alone hackers stole $927 mln from crypto exchanges. Why fraudsters tend to choose exchanges as their target and what are the tools and methods of dealing with them.

16 October 2018 08:53, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Bitcoin's First Decade: What Awaits The Birthday Coin
On October 31 the main cryptocurrency celebrates its tenth anniversary. How Bitcoin is doing right now and what are the prospects for its development in the future.
11 October 2018 16:25, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
ICO Market 2018: Numbers And Expenses Evaluation
A million dollar question: to launch or not to launch? Our partner ICObazaar explains why investing in ICOs is too risky now. Only hard facts and numbers.
09 October 2018 12:49, UTC
Exchange Transparency SWOT-Analysis: Consider It Before You Deposit
Cryptocurrency exchanges have faced hacks, scams, corporate shutdowns, due to one huge underlying problem in the industry: transparency. Let’s look at the issue from different angles, though.
09 October 2018 09:58, UTC Vance Carver, Denis Goncharenko
Getting Backstage of Online Sports Betting: Khabib and Conor Are Now On Blockchain
The online sports betting market is expected to increase to $18-24 bln by 2020. How DLT can boost its further development and create new opportunities for players to make higher profits.
09 October 2018 09:19, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Big Money Watching You, Bitmain! TOON #4
This Bitnewstoday toon is devoted to Bitmain, that is trying to sell a pig in a poke.
08 October 2018 17:13, UTC
Tokenization To Make $1 Trillion of VC Investments Liquid
What problems venture funds face and how tokenization can help venture capitalists increase the profitability of their assets.
05 October 2018 08:58, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Vitalik Buterin: Save Private Ethereum
Things are not looking well for the bitcoin main rival. Some people even say that Ethereum is finished. But is it true?
02 October 2018 13:47, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Coinbase Changing The Listing Rules. It Strives To Be The Next Nasdaq
In order to survive in the blockchain market, one must be eternally young and be able to make decisions in an ever-changing environment. It seems that conservative Coinbase has understood this.
02 October 2018 09:05, UTC Daria Piotrovskaya
Bitmain's Assets: What's Wrong With Financial Situation Before IPO
The mining leader disclosed consolidated financial data for the first six months of 2018. How things are actually going in Bitmain and what risks IPO investors may face.
01 October 2018 18:40, UTC Anastasia Ermolaeva
Sharding: Vitalik Buterin’s Last Hope To Save ETH
“How well does it scale?” is one of the main questions that haunt every developer ever. There are ways to make it work better but new problems arrive with those answers.
01 October 2018 16:58, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Zaif Case or Why Japanese Exchanges Lost $518 Million For Six Months
The number of cyberattacks on Japanese exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets increased to 3 times over the year. Even licensed exchanges can not resist: Zaif was robbed by $60 million, the attack was discovered after 4 days.
01 October 2018 13:53, UTC Anna Zhygalina