Kaspersky Lab: Monero (XMR) Still Popular Among Cryptojackers
Experts advise to pay more attention to preventive measures: install antiviruses against Trojans, double-check crypto addresses and wallets, choose stable and reliable exchanges
06 March 2019 08:52, UTC
A Fascinating Year Gains Momentum: Bitnewstoday Confirms!

Those who believe that the beginning of the year is quiet and stagnant are wrong. We follow the news in the blockchain and FinTech industry and can’t agree with that

06 March 2019 06:21, UTC
Cryptopia Relaunches, But Is Still In The ‘Read-Only’ Mode
All that users can do at the moment is to log into their account. Other operations are not available yet.
05 March 2019 12:42, UTC
Ernst & Young Introduces Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting Tool
The new solution is the company's response to the growing number of customers owning digital assets.
05 March 2019 12:17, UTC
Augmented Reality for Museums: How to Promote Culture to the Masses
The use of augmented reality (AR) in museums, development of AR-applications and devices for their playback
05 March 2019 07:10, UTC Aleksandre B
Lawmakers Of Utah Introduce Bill for Regulating Blockchain Firms
According to the bill, blockchain companies will not be classed as money transmitters. Lawmakers establish a task force to run a pilot project
04 March 2019 13:15, UTC
State Cryptocurrencies Review: Toys or Instruments For Economic Growth?
Bitnewstoday reviews several cryptocurrencies issued by various states. Do they have a future or not? Learn in the article
04 March 2019 11:14, UTC Margareth Nail
Neapolitan Mafia Utilizes Bitcoin Payments
Organized crime in the Italian region of Campania gets used to digital currencies. Negotiations and transactions take place in the Deep Web, where the payments are done in bitcoins
04 March 2019 08:56, UTC
Weekly Betting Volume On The TronBet dApp Reached $41 mln
Twitter users analyzed the dApp statistics, trying to explain its growing popularity. According to some of them, the tokenomics and user experience play an essential role
04 March 2019 08:13, UTC
Image of The Week, February, 25 — March, 1: Fortune, Coinspeaker, MarketWatch and Others
Two opposite points of view on the future of blockchains and some other worth reading crypto news in our regular digest
01 March 2019 14:20, UTC
Robototechnics, AI, And Blockchain — Together They Can More
Robotics and AI inevitably overlap, while blockchain, big data, and other technological developments are joining the tandem. How do robots help us today?
01 March 2019 11:59, UTC
VeChain (VET) To Partner With Luxury Products Marketplace
Reebonz Holding Limited, the leading online platform for luxury products in Southeast Asia, announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with VeChain
01 March 2019 09:56, UTC
TRON and Ethereum Updated On The Last Winter Day. What Are The Changes?
Hard forks seem to have no effect on the markets. However, the implemented changes should affect the market situation in the long term
01 March 2019 08:40, UTC
Polymath (POLY) Develops A Standard For Security Tokens Emission And Trading
The company decided to upgrade the existing infrastructure in order to take advantage of the blockchain technology for securities
28 February 2019 12:10, UTC
Brave Browser (BAT) Gets Access To TAP Network 250,000 Partners
The announced partnership is an important milestone for Brave and BAT. Users will be able to exchange tokens for rewards, which can later be exchanged for goods and services
28 February 2019 07:06, UTC
Fintech unicorns: the most expensive startups in the world
A story about startups that cost one or more billion dollars and are called unicorns. We explore the emergence of the term, business features and attracting investments
27 February 2019 11:38, UTC Aleksandre B
Italian Government Develops Blockchain Platform To Oppose E-Commerce Giants
The Italian authorities intend to bring the entire network trade under full control. The goal of the project is to initiate competition with e-Commerce giants — primarily Amazon, Alibaba and eBay
27 February 2019 09:55, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
DATO For ICO: Are The Philippines Looking For The Perfect Set Of Regulations?
Since 2014, the Philippines has become one of the cryptocurrency development driving countries. However, regulatory issues are still not fully implemented
27 February 2019 09:25, UTC Denis Goncharenko
HTC Is Not Behind: The Integration Of Decentraland Raised The Price Of MANA By 50%
Taiwanese smartphone giant announced that it would start accepting fiat payments for the Exodus 1 blockchain-oriented model
27 February 2019 07:58, UTC
GLORY Kickboxing Promotion Company Integrates Litecoin
“Digital Silver” will become the official cryptocurrency of the global combat league. An opportunity for Litecoin is massive advertising and events organized by GLORY
27 February 2019 06:45, UTC