Binance Card Now Supports SHIB, XRP and AVAX

Binance has added XRP, SHIB, and AVAX as payment methods for the Binance Card

05 August 2022 14:36, UTC Anna Martynova
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Untraceable Events Launches UNNY, The Real Life Engagement Token, to Enhance Attendee Experience at Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022

The Untraceable team is revolutionizing gamification and how attendees interact with events to create long lasting experiences

05 August 2022 13:51, UTC
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Virtual Expo for the Global Crypto Project Started Off With a Total Prize Pool of $1 Million

The event was created for crypto projects that wish to tell the general public about their product, communicate with cryptocurrency professionals, and help business angels explore new investment opportunities

05 August 2022 11:30, UTC
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Digital Influencers Project Launches Global Crypto Influencers Battle Show and Crypto Digital Influencers Awards with $1,000,000 Prize Pool

Each of you has a chance to show your talents. Create amazing content and prove to everyone that you are the best crypto influencer in the world

05 August 2022 10:27, UTC
Are Blockchains Unhackable? Some Key Concerns

In the last two years, blockchain hacking has become commonplace. Is there any way to solve these issues?

05 August 2022 07:17, UTC Anirban Roy
Floki Inu Launches A New Project Called FlockFi Locker

Floki Inu launches a new project to protect investor funds from fraud and hacks

04 August 2022 14:13, UTC Anna Martynova
Web3 Will Play A Role In The Future Of Popular Starbucks Rewards Program

Global coffee company committed to digital collectibles and better customer engagement

04 August 2022 12:48, UTC Anna Martynova
Solana Breach: Will the Project Recover the Funds?

Solana, a cryptocurrency project that bills itself as "an open source project building the foundation for Web 3.0," is the latest victim of a major hack

04 August 2022 11:02, UTC Odero Kester
Cardano dApp Browser for iOS Launched

Leading wallet has launched dApp browser support and other exciting features for iOS devices

03 August 2022 14:39, UTC Anna Martynova
Bitcoin ATMs Are Back In Tokyo And Osaka

Bitcoin ATMs have returned to Japan for the first time since the cryptocurrency winter of 2018

03 August 2022 13:30, UTC Anna Martynova
Bitget To Launch Insurance Fund to Restore Traders’ Confidence

Several bankruptcy incidents and similar events have threatened the confidence of traders around the world

03 August 2022 10:00, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Bill Gates' Views on Cryptocurrency

Bill Gates can be described as a risk-averse investor, and he has spoken out against investing in cryptocurrency in the past

03 August 2022 08:20, UTC Odero Kester
Vechain CEO In UFC Interview Reveals How VeChain Plans To Change The World

The CEO of VeChain talked about how the popular blockchain project plans to use its technology to change the world

02 August 2022 14:38, UTC Anna Martynova
Lime and Salesforce Do Not Currently Use Helium Technology

Decentralized wireless network Helium does not have partnerships with the two well-known firms whose logos it has placed on its website

02 August 2022 13:25, UTC Anna Martynova
Metaverse: the Revolution in the Digital Industry

We are now in the fourth industrial revolution, according to the World Economic Forum. Digital transformation and information technology, a third revolution, emerged after the first two

02 August 2022 12:09, UTC Sheya Bhute
Web3 Foundation Approves 400 Polkadot Project Grants

The Web3 Foundation (W3F) received hundreds of applications from projects wishing to use Polkadot – about 40% of these applications were approved by the foundation

01 August 2022 15:20, UTC Anna Martynova
The Central Bank of Uruguay Urged Binance To Stop Promoting Crypto-Based Savings Products

The Central Bank of Uruguay asked Binance to stop offering crypto-based savings products

01 August 2022 14:28, UTC Anna Martynova
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How Discipline Makes You And Your Life Better

A strong mind means you have the ability to achieve anything you desire. With a strong mind, achieving what you could never imagine previously becomes possible and even easy

01 August 2022 09:09, UTC
Santander Brasil Will Soon Offer Cryptocurrency Trading Services

Many banks have started to offer cryptocurrency trading services, which may stimulate the adoption of cryptocurrencies

29 July 2022 16:00, UTC Anna Martynova
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Several Sectors to Watch During Crypto Winter

Strange as it might sound, many developers and project creators have nothing against the crypto winter. Do you know why?

29 July 2022 15:00, UTC