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QuillAudits at Consensus 2024: DePINs, AI, and the Future of Web3 Security

13 June 2024 11:00, UTC

Consensus 2024, the world’s largest, longest-running, and most influential gathering of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community, has concluded with great insights and discussions. This year’s Consensus lived up to its name by bringing together Web3 leaders to share the latest advancements and brainstorm the future of the industry. With inspiring talks and practical workshops, attendees gained valuable knowledge and resources to help shape a more decentralized world.

Consensus 2024 Highlights

Consensus 2024 brought together developers, investors, founders, brands, and policymakers, fostering a collaborative environment to solve industry challenges. Key narratives revolved around the transformative potential of Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Web3 space.

QuillAudits at Consensus 2024

The event was filled with excitement about DePIN and AI. DePINs are changing how we interact with real-world assets, and AI is improving security, automation, and user experience in Web3.

Some Key Takeaways

  1. DePIN Momentum: DePIN projects are booming, generating a lot of excitement. People are increasingly interested in decentralized infrastructure management and ownership, with applications ranging from wireless networks to energy grids.
  2. AI Impact: AI is revolutionizing security, automation, and user experience in the Web3 space.

QuillAudits Plans on QuillAI Network for Web3 and DePIN Security

QuillAudits is working on their own AI Agents for making Web3 secure, accessible and user-friendly.

They have already launched 2 of their AI Agents :

  1. Solidity AI Agent: Detects and auto-fixes smart contract vulnerabilities within seconds, tested by 100+ customers.
  2. Due Diligence AI Agent: QuillCheck is an AI Agent for Token due diligence that helps you avoid scams when investing in new cryptocurrencies. It analyzes smart contract code, checks token distribution and liquidity to prevent scams. Features include spotting honeypots, assessing 25+ risk parameters, and real-time scam alerts on Twitter and Telegram.

Significant Meetings and Collaborations:

Preetam, Co-founder of QuillAudits, had key discussions with industry leaders:

  • Ranveer Rana, Co-founder of Witness Chain:

They discussed the DePIN Economy, focusing on how Witness Chain allows DePIN projects to share information about physical locations, network capacities, and more. Preetam is very optimistic about the potential of EigenLayer and Witness Chain AVS. He’s building the QuillAI network, which will let developers create AI agents that improve web3 security. These developers can then earn money by selling their services with $QUILL tokens.

  • Rushi Manche from Movement Labs and Mo Shaikh from Aptos Labs:

Discussed the potential of Move-based blockchains, with QuillAudits expanding its security audits to move based smart contracts.

QuillCon VC Dinner at Consensus 2024

In partnership with Graviton, QuillAudits co-hosted the QuillCon VC Dinner in Austin. Over 40 VCs, 20 angels, and 30 founders discussed Web3, DePIN, AI, and Real-World Assets (RWA). The atmosphere was vibrant, highlighting the dynamic nature of Consensus 2024.


Consensus 2024 was a big conference for cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3. QuillAudits was there showing off its latest ideas and working with other companies. They learned a lot about DePIN and AI in Web3, which will help them build their QuillAI network. This platform enables developers to develop unique AI Agents aimed at enhancing security within Web3. Additionally, users have the opportunity to earn rewards for creating AI Agents on the QuillAI network using QuillAudits Tokens.