Grin Cryptocurrency Developers Receive Anonymous 50 BTC Donation
The Grin project is notable for the fact that it entered the market, developing according to a model that was called “fair launch”
08 May 2019 09:50, UTC
Hash Rate Of Bitmain Has Significantly Declined Over The Last Month
According to the analysis of the hashrate of all equipment owned by Bitmain, the SHA256 hashing algorithm used in the Bitcoin network has fallen noticeably
08 May 2019 08:29, UTC
The Researchers Reported A Bug That Could Bring Down The TRON Blockchain
It was possible to organize a crash with just a single computer — it was far enough for the attackers to resort to a DDoS attack
07 May 2019 13:33, UTC
Partners news
The World’s Best Bitcoin Lotto
Cryptocurrencies are the real treasure for gamblers. A true story of the first-ever Bitcoin lottery
07 May 2019 12:23, UTC
The Popularity Of Brave Browser Reaches Firefox and Opera
Interest in the browser has grown since the beginning of February 2019, and the number of active users per month has grown by 450% since 2018
07 May 2019 08:34, UTC
CTO Ripple Confirms The Launch Of xCurrent 4.0
Ripple's xCurrent is one of the company's corporate software solutions; it allows banks to make international payments using end-to-end tracking
06 May 2019 12:41, UTC
Court Ordered Craig Wright To Provide Information About Blind Trust And Bitcoin Assets
The document states that the court has reviewed its decision on the motion regarding Wright’s list of BTC holdings
06 May 2019 08:57, UTC
Survey: 22% Of Institutional Investors Already Own Digital Assets
The report says that the firm interviewed 411 US institutional investors, where most of the respondents are favourable to digital assets
03 May 2019 16:02, UTC
Domino’s Pizza And SingularityNET Join Forces To Develop AI
The partnership will allow SingularityNET and AI researchers to create algorithms and solutions on the recently launched SingularityNET Beta platform, based on Domino’s input data
03 May 2019 13:53, UTC
Crypto Exchanges To Provide Mandatory API Data To CoinMarketCap In 45 Days
CoinMarketCap plans to remove exchanges from its system if they do not provide the required mandatory data by June, the company writes in its blog
02 May 2019 13:17, UTC
Survey: 20% of U.S. Millenials Store Value In Bitcoin
During the study, 2052 residents of the United States were interviewed. The survey was an augmented version of the previous one, conducted by the company in October 2017
02 May 2019 12:10, UTC
ITIF Releases Guide to Regulating Blockchain for Policymakers
The Foundation was founded in 2006 and is an independent non-profit institution that provides policymakers with information, analysis and recommendations for working with new technologies.
01 May 2019 08:41, UTC
Nasdaq Adds XRP Liquid Index; Cryptocurrency Reacts With Price Plunge
According to the announcement, these actions are the part of the Nasdaq partnership agreement with Brave New Coin crypto analytics company
30 April 2019 14:01, UTC
Blockchain And Big Data To Be Deployed For Food & Wine Sector In Italy
The use of the blockchain can improve traceability and quality of certification of the whole food chain, says Mauro Rosati, leading expert of the Qualivita Foundation
30 April 2019 12:20, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Quebec Regulator Announced New Rules For Crypto Mining
According to the new rules, the regulator obliged the energy supplier Hydro-Quebec to allocate 300 MW of energy for the needs of the blockchain industry
30 April 2019 09:05, UTC
Zeux Application Now Supports NEO
Now NEO owners can pay with the cryptocurrency for goods and services of all sellers who accept Apple and Samsung Pay worldwide
29 April 2019 14:56, UTC
Partners news
Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Getting Wrapped Up for the May Show
Top blockchain industry titans are announced in the speaker line-up
29 April 2019 14:46, UTC
Italian Bank Bets On FinTech To Attract ‘Digital Generation’
Italian bank BPER is working on a project to create a platform for the provision of financial services using fintech; investments of 27 mln euros are to be allocated
29 April 2019 11:05, UTC
Guest posts
Is Delisting BSV Personal Or Good Business Ethics?
There is an interesting question to be asked, and Hans Koning, as the “blockchain governance guy”, has to ask it: is this delisting a legitimate business decision?
29 April 2019 08:27, UTC Hans Koning
Samsung Representative Commented On Rumors About Samsung Coin
Samsung SDS Head of Business Development and Fintech in Europe announced that the company is really discussing this issue
29 April 2019 07:32, UTC