ETO: Revolution or Evolution. The institutional investors' dilemma
06 August 2018 11:12, UTC Daniil Danchenko
Malta, the so-called “Blockchain Island”, is continuously pushing the boundaries of the said industry. This time Binance, Neufund and MSX are trying to revolutionize the market.
Resource-based token as an excuse for a new geopolitical struggle round
03 August 2018 13:01, UTC Oleg Koldayev
Financial structures of Germany, Switzerland and Australia are creating virtual platforms: regulators of the USA and Philippines – are clamping down. Two parts of the global war for influence
India becomes an epic battleground for the USA and China. Again. For crypto market now
02 August 2018 12:12, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
Every day crypto giants increase the pressure on the Indian market. The increased activity of digital companies is the result of the struggle against the United States for the South Asian economic space
Mining-In-Law: USA, Canada, Iceland and... Russia!
02 August 2018 10:17, UTC Ann Sotnikova
Russia seeks to break into the list of the best countries for mining. What other countries attract miners?
South Korea: crypto business is losing tax benefits
01 August 2018 12:06, UTC Ann Sotnikova
The Korean crypto community is confused. Will it withstand the pressure of the government?
Salary in the cryptocurrency: hello, gray zone!
31 July 2018 15:32, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
You can spend the cryptocurrency in Russia, but you can not earn it legally.
Philippines will open about 20 000 jobs in fintech
31 July 2018 10:08, UTC Ann Sotnikova
Cagayan Economic Zone plans to issue 25 licenses for crypto companies and earn $68 million 
Thе third world is challenging USA in the cryptoverse
30 July 2018 12:21, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
It is believed that America is the leader of the world economy. But it has not been controlling the global market for a long time. And the current situation in the digital economy confirms this.
South Korea: “FSC is just maintaining its very negative stance on cryptocurrency”
27 July 2018 11:58, UTC Ann Sotnikova
The financial regulator of South Korea urges lawmakers to adopt legislation on cryptocurrency
EU Parliament: how to find the balance between the banking sector and digital currencies
27 July 2018 08:48, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Central banks can deprive crypto markets of the access to financial institutions, by blocking access to exchanges or wallets for the users or by instituting denials of service
Crypto VS Sanctions. Ep II: possible, but only for a while
25 July 2018 12:46, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
Bypassing international sanctions is still possible. But not for a long time…
Why Canada is not so good for crypto as many think about it?
25 July 2018 12:06, UTC Daniil Danchenko, Catherine Lange
Canada is too complicated for crypto. You should know why
Will the cryptocurrency help to bypass the sanctions
24 July 2018 13:08, UTC Oleg Koldaev, Catherine Lange
Can the crypto currency be an effective tool against sanctions?
The Supreme Court of India postponed the trial on crypto-exchanges till September 11
20 July 2018 12:44, UTC
The struggle between the RBI and Indian crypto exchanges continues. This time, the Supreme Court decided not to pass the final judgement
Blacklisting of funds and cryptoprojects
16 July 2018 15:41, UTC Catherine Lange
The Russian Association of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has created a register of trusted companies. Blacklisting of unfair miners, equipment suppliers and ICO - next step
The Kenyan government will decide upon cryptocurrencies’ fate in two weeks time
09 July 2018 15:02, UTC
To ban or to regulate? That is the question for Kenyan officials. The authorities of the Treasury will decide upon the fate of digital assets as soon as it is possible
South Korea pushes crypto exchanges to a new level
06 July 2018 19:13, UTC
The classification is almost complete, the regulation is on its way — why does South Korea change its attitude towards the industry?
Uzbekistan follows the path of Malta
06 July 2018 11:31, UTC
The blockchain industry of Uzbekistan is very positive on the news — the President signed a decree on the development of the digital economy. Experts wait for the inflow of capital and projects establishment  
India hinders the adoption of new financial instruments: experts say it’s a huge step behind
04 July 2018 15:03, UTC
The top court of India upholds the ban on financial institutions concerning deals with cryptocurrencies. Experts say that, due to this decision, India would be shut out from trading means
FATF improves methods of opposing the terrorism financing
02 July 2018 17:15, UTC
Learn about the exact stage the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering or the FATF has reached in the field of crypto regulation and what rumor has been indirectly confirmed in the latest statement

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