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DragonEx Exchange Hacked, Users’ Assets Stolen
26 March 2019 12:04, UTC
The official statement says that the exchange has lost control over the users’ cryptocurrency assets, but the amount of losses is not specified yet
What Is The Reason Behind 95% Of Crypto Trading Volume Being Faked?
26 March 2019 07:49, UTC Denis Goncharenko
This weekend the cryptocurrency world was shaken by a new investigation. Bitwise Asset Management analysts examined the trading volume of 81 exchanges, and their conclusions are rather gloomy
OKEx Launches Own Blockchain And the OKDEx Decentralized Exchange
26 March 2019 06:53, UTC
The company which is based in Malta announced that its operating team is developing a blockchain called OKChain. Besides that, the OKB token will be launched in late April
The New Format Of Binance Launchpad Provoked Users’ Negative Reactions
25 March 2019 08:57, UTC
Binance decided to introduce the lottery format for the next Binance Launchpad project. However, the community reacted negatively, and CZ decided to think over the rules again
MetaMask Broadcasts Users' Ethereum Addresses to Visited Websites
25 March 2019 07:13, UTC
MetaMask, the popular crypto wallet, broadcasted the wallets to the websites that are visited by the users, allowing third parties to see their ETH addresses
Image of The Week, March, 18-22: Cryptoglobe, Chepicap, Invest In Blockchain and Others
22 March 2019 14:04, UTC Ian Marchewski
Overproduction crisis of Nvidia, fraudulent clone of the Wasabi BTC wallet and other news of the week in our world media digest
China: ICO and STO are objects of illegal financial activity
22 March 2019 09:53, UTC
A recent statement by the Beijing Association of Financial Industry says so. Will real restrictions follow?
Litecoin, The Brainchild Of Charlie Lee
21 March 2019 13:51, UTC Aleksandre B
Companies most often resemble their creators, who convey the traits of their own character, attitude to life, energy to their business. Charlie Lee and his Litecoin are a good example
Scammers Discovered Vulnerability In the Augur Betting System
21 March 2019 07:58, UTC
Reddit users claim that the fraudsters exploit the vulnerability. Augur CEO announces that the team has found a solution
Different Industries Making Use Of Chatbots
20 March 2019 13:49, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Chatbots offer perfect solution for several industries when it comes to resolving situations and there’s the potential that businesses could be revolutionised by their introduction
TOP-6 Universities Offering Blockchain Technology Courses
20 March 2019 12:22, UTC Piers Golden
The demand for blockchain education is needed to fill a skills gap in the market and keep up with supporting and regulating a growing technology
Huobi To Join IEO Hype; The Date Of The First Token Sale Is Announced
20 March 2019 11:43, UTC
Huobi advertises its own platform as an entirely new model for evaluating blockchain projects — only the best reliable projects are being selected for listing
Tor Project To Accept Monero Donations, Wants To Phase Out BitPay
20 March 2019 07:38, UTC
The main responsibility of the project is to preserve the anonymity of the Tor network. The Fundraising Director Looks at Lightning Network as an alternative to BitPay
Guest posts
Four Industries That Blockchain Is To Disrupt In The First Place
19 March 2019 14:41, UTC Mathew Warburton
Blockchain technology has the potential to be very disruptive. Let’s take a closer look at some of the industries that blockchain tech is or could impact
Kin Returns To TOP-100: Token Price Increased By 120% In 7 Days
19 March 2019 13:40, UTC
Crypto market analysts say the reason for the high demand for Kin is the token migration from the ERC-20 standard to its own blockchain, which began on March 12
How Сhanges In Messaging Principles Disrupt The Security Of Enterprises
19 March 2019 12:09, UTC Denis Goncharenko
Methods of distance communication have changed significantly. Free messengers are becoming more and more common, but they threaten the security of corporate data exchange
Partners news
Blockchain Expo London: Expert Speakers Announced
19 March 2019 09:31, UTC
The event will bring together in excess of 12,000 attendees and 500+ speakers for two days of world-class content delivered from leading brands embracing and developing cutting-edge blockchain technologies
Visa Launches Crypto Team, Recruits Product Managers
19 March 2019 08:21, UTC
Recently, the corporation published a statement about the search for a manager who will be responsible for the development strategy of a cryptocurrency ecosystem
Credit Scoring And Blockchain — New Rating Agencies To Emerge
18 March 2019 09:24, UTC Aleksandre B
Banks turn to blockchain technology. But is it worthwhile from an economic and ethical point of view? Bitnewstoday journalists examine the credit scoring implementations
Dash Launches SMS Donations System
18 March 2019 08:29, UTC
Dash crypto project announced the launch of a P2P charity system which is based on its own cryptocurrency and doesn’t need an internet connection

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