Barclays Reportedly To Break Off Working With Coinbase
Anonymous industry sources said that the British bank will no longer provide services for Coinbase. The exchange opened an account at Barclays in March 2018
14 August 2019 10:59, UTC
One More Time About Libra: Future Money or Another Unsuccessful Project?
Libra is the most popular crypto project in recent months. Bitnewstoday has collected some information about it and spoke to several experts asking if they believe in its success
13 August 2019 13:45, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
UK Pension and Welfare Agency Is Looking Into Blockchain For Future Implementation
The DWP was looking for ways to revamp its payment systems in order to make them better adapted to the current economic situation in the country
13 August 2019 11:29, UTC
SEC Postpones The Decision On Bitcoin ETFs Once Again
Proposals for Bitcoin ETFs have been considered for several months, but the SEC still takes time-out for the maximum allowable period in accordance with federal rules
13 August 2019 09:50, UTC
IBM Filed Patent For Blockchain Web Browser
According to the application, the American technology corporation plans to register a patent for a system that stores web browser events on the blockchain
12 August 2019 13:49, UTC
The Czech Republic Is Doubling Down On Crypto Regulations
The new additions to the law will be part of the implementation of the Anti-money Laundering regulatory regime. Naturally, this was first kickstarted by recommendations from the EU
12 August 2019 11:44, UTC Denis Goncharenko
China Is On the Verge Of Issuing the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
According to the representatives of the People’s Bank of China, the country is almost ready to introduce a new digital currency, which has been worked on for several years
12 August 2019 10:05, UTC
CoolBitX Solution Sygna Assists VASPs in Meeting the FATF’s KYC/AML Standards
Sygna takes the responsibility of conducting KYC away from exchanges by ensuring that all wallet holders are fully KYC-ed through their walle
09 August 2019 13:25, UTC
tZERO To Launch Security Token Trading In Four Days
The company expects 50,000 new investors who have already bought Overstock shares to start trading their digital tokens
09 August 2019 11:25, UTC
What Will Happen to Cryptocurrencies After the G20 Summit
A month ago, the G20 met in Osaka to discuss a number of issues, including cryptocurrency regulation. Bitnewstoday uncovers what has changed for the crypto community since the summit
09 August 2019 09:31, UTC Massimo Di Giuda
Research: Monero Mining Botnet Collects Data For Resale
Carbon Black researchers claim that during the active phase of the campaign, the botnet collected a huge amount of secret data over the past two years
08 August 2019 14:44, UTC
Tax Agency in the UK Demands Customer Trading Data From Crypto Exchanges
The UK HMRC agency has contacted several locally registered cryptocurrency exchanges and demanded they provide information on customer transaction histories
08 August 2019 11:42, UTC Denis Goncharenko, Konstantin Rabin
Study: 80% Of Tether (USDT) Concentrated On 318 Addresses
Coin Metrics researchers further note that some of these USDT whales include large crypto exchanges such as Binance and Bitfinex
08 August 2019 09:52, UTC
US Fed To Develop New Solution ForFaster Payments Called FedNow
The decision to create a real-time gross settlement network for Fed banks was a reaction to public opinion about government participation in the development of payment systems
07 August 2019 09:48, UTC
Iran: Cryptocurrencies Will Not Be Recognized As Legal Tender
A new law has been issued by the Iranian government on August 4th that does not recognize cryptocurrencies as legal tender when it comes to payments or trading
07 August 2019 08:43, UTC
Warning: IRS Scammers Now Targeting Victims with Bitcoin Tax Letters
In the wake of legitimate IRS letters to US taxpayers trading cryptocurrencies, there were a few instances recorded of fraudsters trying to take advantage of the situation
06 August 2019 12:39, UTC
Guest posts
Importance of KYC/AML & Cryptocurrency Regulations in Crypto Exchanges
KYC and AML are on agenda again, since FATF has imposed some new rules on crypto. Akshara Singh is here to overview the importance of KYC/AML in the brave new world coming
06 August 2019 11:45, UTC Akshara Singh
Thailand Plans To Amend the AML Act, Sees Crypto As Threat
The Anti-Money Laundering Office in Thailand (AMLO) believes that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies pose a serious threat
06 August 2019 08:38, UTC