Company Behind Zcash Reported Loss In Q1 2019
According to the report for the 3rd quarter, the company worked with an average monthly deficit of $186,000 throughout the first quarter of the year
02 September 2019 08:40, UTC
European Central Bank Blames Uncertain Regulation in Stablecoins’ Vulnerability
According to the European Central Bank (ECB), stablecoins with a clear governance framework can be hindered by the uncertainty of regulation or its complete absence
30 August 2019 12:21, UTC
Switzerland's Largest Food Retailer Introduces Blockchain Traceability Platform
Migros, a company with almost a 100-year history on the market, will monitor the freshness of fruits and vegetables via blockchain
30 August 2019 11:02, UTC
Сryptocurrency In Europe Is Promoted By Funds
A variety of financial instruments tied to the cryptocurrency is growing in Europe, while the US SEC continues to delay the decision on them
30 August 2019 07:00, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Maltese Financial Regulator Warns About Suspicious Project
The MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) has come out with yet another warning against the actions of the Bitcoin Revolution company
29 August 2019 14:07, UTC
Ripple And SBI Holdings Create SBI Ripple Asia To Promote Crypto In The Region
Despite the negative news related to XRP, Ripple is looking for an opportunity to expand the use of its tokens
29 August 2019 12:47, UTC
R3 and Wethaq Partnership for Digital Sukuk Market Development
The platform will digitize sukuk, reducing both cost and release time. Currently, this process includes a number of banks, clearing houses and trustees
29 August 2019 09:09, UTC
Self-driving Machines — Is It A Service Already?
Car manufacturers, research institutes and development teams are trying to get people off the wheel, giving control to dispassionate automatic systems
29 August 2019 08:48, UTC Aleksandre B
Guest posts
Are Crypto Taxes A Detriment To Cryptocurrency Adoption Or Are They A Part Of It?
Reports have been piling in from all across the globe about governments demanding customers transaction information to calculate due tax on the crypto capital gain
28 August 2019 13:37, UTC Giorgi Mikhelidze
Nine entities set to receive Chinese Central Bank cryptocurrency
According to a Forbes report, they are set to receive massive amounts of the Chinese Central Bank’s cryptocurrency in order to somehow combat the future launch of Libra
28 August 2019 11:53, UTC
Parity Needs More Time For Ethereum Proposals, Istanbul Fork Postponed
Wei Tang, the developer of Parity, claims that the organization needs two more weeks before the team starts choosing the block number for the Istanbul fork
28 August 2019 11:15, UTC
Italian Citizens are Required to Include Cryptocurrency Transactions in Their Tax Declarations
By an act of April 10, 2019, an obligation for individuals to reflect cryptocurrency transactions in the tax return has been introduced. The Italian Revenue Agency has issued an instruction
28 August 2019 08:51, UTC Vsevolod Gnetii
Cloud Contracts: Is It Possible To Get Rich?
The article is about the features of cloud mining: popular companies’ advertising offers and the difficulties that their users may face
27 August 2019 14:24, UTC Aleksandre B
UK Political Party Says the Current Crypto Policy Is a Bust, Introduces New Option
The National Liberal Party has come out with a post on their website where they criticize the UK government for their failure to introduce a comprehensive cryptocurrency regulation
27 August 2019 13:23, UTC
Wanchain (WAN) Price Rose By 117% In Anticipation Of Transition To PoS
The cost of one WAN token at the time of publication is estimated at $0.48. Market capitalization currently stands at $ 51.2 million
27 August 2019 11:54, UTC
Online Payments: Threats and Prevention
Online purchases have been happening since the internet has been publicly available. Reputable online vendors follow three strict rules to ensure the safety of their customers
27 August 2019 11:37, UTC Alex Mitchell
HSBC Bank Is First To Complete A Transaction On EU Bank-led Blockchain Platform
We.trade reduces transaction time to 24 hours instead of 10-12 days, which may be required for a traditional letter of credit required to complete such a transaction
26 August 2019 14:24, UTC
Guest posts
Why Are Investors Seeking Out Digitized Bullion on the Blockchain?
The problem, or rather the challenge is how to own blockchain-based cryptocurrency that maintains real value, possibly even appreciates based on fundamental elements
26 August 2019 09:53, UTC Brett Chatz