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The true identity of crypto artist Pak revealed


en.cryptonomist.ch 30 July 2022 23:49, UTC
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As anonymous as the decentralized world itself, with no public face or clear identity, Murat Pak is one of the most influential artists in the world of NFTs art.

Pak has released countless conceptual performances, using the blockchain as a powerful creative tool.

In 2021, the artist created “The fungible Collection” in collaboration with Sotheby’s during which, in parallel to the collection of 3D cubes, Pak launched the $ASH cryptocurrency which will be used to purchase new artworks.

Pak recently released two other large projects, “Lost Poet” and “Merge”, both of which raised more than $200 million by promising various benefits to collectors who participated in these expensive projects.

For some time now however, Pak has disappeared from the radar and disappointed collectors are starting to question their investment choices.

Who is Pak? Perhaps his secret identity revealed

But perhaps the secret identity of the artist is about to be revealed, with the first and currently only suspect to date being Federico Clapis, another conceptual artist whose career in the NFT world began several years after Pak’s.

Unlike Pak, Clapis is forthcoming and very transparent about his identity, with a strategic approach to the market that continues to reward a select group of collectors who have invested in him.

Clapis is already famous in Italy for playing with different social identities as part of his artistic performance, regularly destabilizing his audience. Could this be the beginning of a parallel project through his real name?

A recent tweet from him set off more than one alarm bell.

I’m Pak.

— C L A P I S (@FedericoClapis) July 30, 2022

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