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ERC-1155: new Ethereum-based video game tokens invented

Reports from the cryptocurrency media tell about the new standard invented for Ethereum tokens and designed to optimize the work of blockchain-based video games. This information has been additionally confirmed in the dedicated blog post of Witek Radomski, co-founder of a social media site for gamers called Enjin.

If the information from the blog is correct, ERC-20 has to develop a full-fledged smart contract for each token which is going to be very costly in the case of games, as each in-game item will demand too much resources. Instead, Radomski offers to store a token system in a single contract. Developers are welcome to criticize the project on a GitHub page, the innovator tells.

Regardless of the actual future successfulness of this standard, the issue of video game item systems revolving around blockchain has already been raised by Pennsylvania University graduate Tim Clancy who proposed to use ERC-721 tokens in games built on Unreal Engine. Despite this, Witek Radomski thinks that instead of using this standard, it’s better to take certain beneficial elements from it.

Image: Blizzard

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