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Top Techniques High Rollers Use in Casino Promotions

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Effective Techniques of High-Rollers in Search of Stunning Casino Promotions

Who among us gamblers don't like an excellent chance to win free stuff just by placing a wager? Various metrics show that the demand for casinos of all kinds, both online and off, keeps on growing. Investopedia statistics showed that in 2020, commercial casinos produced roughly $30 billion in revenue. This number was down by approximately 30 percent from 2019, primarily because of the pandemic.

Who Is a High-Roller?

To sum up, in the context of a casino, a "high-roller" is a "big boy" or "top dog" who has enough disposable income to play with. A lot of times, high-rollers have a lot of cash on hand. There are two standard terms for high rollers: "cheetahs" and "whales," respectively, on Wikipedia. They are known to gamble with enormous quantities of money. Another way of putting it is that they are high-stakes gamblers. The gambling industry "comps" high rollers with various expensive services, including free use of the most luxurious suites in the casinos, free trips in private planes and limos, and other such indulgences. Casinos may also compete for high-stakes gamblers by providing staff reimbursements based on turnover or losses in the gaming establishment.

Popular High Rollers

The following is a table of popular high rollers and their locations.


High Roller

United States

Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo

United States

Cary Katz


Jonathan Duhamel


Richard Yong

How Casinos Attract High Rollers

A casino might lose a significant amount of money if it takes the risk of appealing to high rollers, and one of them ends up winning. If the high roller loses, the casino loses nothing and may make back several times what it spent to attract the high roller. The following are ways that casinos attract high rollers.

The VIP service high rollers get at casinos is a significant part of what draws them to the establishments. Casinos often provide such benefits to their most devoted customers as part of a loyalty program. These benefits include reductions in the cost of shopping and hotel stays to paid vacations and birthday spa treatments. 

Another Strategy

Another strategy to tempt high-stakes players is to provide bonuses such as casino free spins no deposit and similar promotions, such as free slots no download, and slot games, such as Book of Dead, Game of Thrones, Ninja Fruits, etc. These slot games are a way for gamers to build up a bankroll and also have fun at free spins no deposit casino. There are also various casino slot games, such as free video slots, classic slots, etc. Even while all players are eligible for bonuses and other casino promotions, high rollers get additional benefits from the casinos they play at. There have been instances when high rollers have received bonuses of 500 times their original deposit, as well as other multiples of that amount. In addition to this, you will profit in the following ways:

  • Tournaments are open solely to VIPs and offer substantial trophies as prizes.
  • The amount that players are permitted to stake during a single round of a board game or spin a slot machine is increased.
  • Access to a personal manager who monitors your account and comes to your help at the drop of a hat is included in this perk.

Advantages of Being a Casino High Roller

Like being a high roller everywhere else, there are benefits to being a high roller at a casino. Regular bets at a casino might improve the business's bottom line. The high-stakes player is another name for these people. 

To attract high rollers, casinos may sometimes provide VIPs with services that other gamblers can only dream about. The following are only a few of the luxuries that high-stakes gamblers often enjoy.

High Rollers and VIPs Get Special Treatment

As was previously said, casinos provide tempting advantages and incentives to high-stakes players to keep them interested and engaged for long periods. As a regular player, you may be startled to hear that certain casinos provide rewards that seem completely out of the ordinary. This includes things like vacation pay, birthday bonuses, and anniversaries. 

While it's true that many online casinos provide new players bonus cash just for joining up, the biggest and finest rewards are often reserved for the highest rollers. Whales have access to better rewards than other players, including more loyalty points per wager, higher cash bonuses, and other advantages.

Quicker Cash in/out Times

Access to your winnings at a casino considerably more rapidly is one benefit of being a high-rolling player. The high rollers don't get the same protections as the other players. Withdrawal restrictions for high-stakes players are ten times as high as those for regular players, while low-stakes players have to deal with far lower limits. They also don't have to wait as long as other players do to get their withdrawals. There are other advantages as well, including those listed below.

  • Credit lines
  • Bonus Perks
  • Chances (personalized)
  • Travelling expenses
  • Exclusive gaming, etc.

Match Bonuses

If we were to analyse the most enticing casino promotions currently available and leave match bonuses out of the conversation, we would be doing the beauty of match bonuses an injustice. These kinds of enticements are often included in welcome gifts. To be eligible for this promotion, you will often be needed to open an account at a casino and make a deposit that is at least equal to the specified minimum amount. 

When a gaming establishment promotes a "matching bonus," it indicates that they will add an identical amount to your account regardless of the amount you deposit. One thing to note about this bonus type is that there are better options for those just starting in sports betting or gaming, but a great way to get a big bonus if you want to play for longer and increase your chances of winning.

No Deposit Bonuses

A no deposit bonus is an excellent option if you are a high roller who enjoys exploring many casinos before investing a large sum of money. This is so because you may try out each casino with no financial risk to yourself. The gamer may access these benefits without making any form of monetary investment. The phrase "free play bonus" is often used to describe this offer. 

A user's bonus funds will be automatically withdrawn after their account has accumulated to warrant a bonus payout. If you're a high roller, the relatively small payouts of a few dollars here and there won't bother you. This means that even with a rudimentary implementation, the system's fundamentals may be created and evaluated, allowing you to determine whether or not the platform or gaming facility is worth your time as a high roller. Other general promotions offered by casinos include:

  • Referral Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Free Slot Games
  • Reload Bonuses, etc.

Effective Techniques Implemented by High Rollers

Those with the most experience in an area are the ones who play for the highest stakes. The following advice might be helpful regardless of your level of expertise.

Just because a casino has tempting bonus offers does not mean it is above board. Think about the entry requirements for the casinos before making a decision. The presence or absence of a legitimate gaming licence is the most critical indicator of a casino's reliability. Only gambling establishments with valid licences issued by legitimate government agencies or third-party regulatory bodies should be considered reliable (or both). 

Don't let being a high roller fool you into thinking you're exempt from the casino tricks. The bonuses offered, the terms and conditions attached, and the minimum wagering requirements might vary. There is no set maximum withdrawal amount or kind of game that may be played with bonus monies; both are open to change. Knowing these rules is good even if you are a high roller and so exempt from most of them.

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