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P2E Games Just Got More Exciting – Monster Racing League is Coming

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P2E (Play-to earn) games have taken the world of NFTs by storm. Imagine just having fun with a game and earning something valuable on the side. Every child playing Runescape, World of Warcraft, or FiFA would appreciate such an opportunity. Now, Flightless Studio is making this reality.

Their NFT collection, Monster Racing League, is set to release its first mint of 5000 containers on Friday the 24th of June followed by a final wave of 5000 containers at a future date ready for the game release in Q3 2022 and it will change the genre of P2E games for the better. There’s a lot to unpack with this project, so let’s get going!

Emphasizing fun above anything else

While Monster Racing League is a game of the P2E genre, the goal is not only financial. Here, fun takes the lead and shows the way forward.

A successful game needs to be fun and enjoyable so it can have the largest reach possible. This is the core and uncompromisable vision of Flightless Studio and their publisher, Phat Loot Studio.

In this instance, DeFi functionality is simply an added benefit that results in a charming and enjoyable environment for anyone to enjoy. Also, this helps make NFTs much more visible for society as a whole. You can play this game without owning a Monster Racing NFT, and this has the potential to attract many more people.

If you want a little sneak peak before the game launches, you can try out the free demo.

A deeper look at the NFT

Monster Racing League is an NFT game with lots to offer. The total supply is 10000 but only 5000 of the monster containers will be released to the public this Friday the 24th of June.

You can acquire the NFT on two different blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon. Ethereum is if you’re only interested in holding it. Polygon is meant for people who want to play the game as it has the components that allows the game to work.

The monsters themselves are the star NFTs here, but you can acquire other NFTs and tokens connected to it. By buying a Monster Racing League container, you have a chance to receive up to 6 NFTs.

Included in the containers are a guaranteed monster (8 of them are legendary). You can also receive vehicle cosmetics (95 epics or 5 legendaries). You can also receive 1-2 tribe abilities, a booster pack of 20, 50, or 100 cards and then, if you are very lucky, a passive earning racing track.

There are currently 20 tracks, and they really are the best of the best to own. The game is played on the tracks, and every time a track is used for a race, the owner gets a reward.

The origin monsters are also able to integrate supported VX/3D rigged collections. That means you can integrate other NFT projects into the game.

You might have guessed this already, but breeding is also possible. If you have two Monster Racing League NFTs, you can breed them and receive a different one. The new NFT will have a combination of its parents’ traits and a random one on top of that.

What does the future look like?

The NFT game is just on the horizon. But what does the future look like for the game?

As 2022 comes to a close, special tournaments and events are going to be a reality, and this ups the stakes for every player.

Next year, in 2023, we can look forward to new tracks, cosmetics, and boosters. This will create more variety in the game and give it more replayability.

Monster Racing League is doing something bold, and we hope they’ll have lots of success with this groundbreaking project.

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